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Mystery of Kalachi village


Kalachi is a distant village in Kazakhstan. Many of us were not even familiar with this place. But the sleeping sickness is that mysterious event that gave mystery of Kalachi village a worldwide fame. Various chapters related to the mystery of Kalachi village need to be examined thoroughly in order …

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Mystery of unicorns


The mystery of unicorns is a very hot topic among fantasy lovers. With the advent of the theory that they actually exist in some secret part of the world, theories related to the  mystery of unicorns  gained momentum. Now researchers consider that the myths related to unicorns can only be …

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Signs of Spiritual Awakening

spiritual awkening

Spiritual awakening is a series of changes that occur in the physical, mental and spiritual level of our life. They are some gradual changes because going through the phases of spiritual awakening with a fast pace can lead to some mental imbalance. This is because we are not prepared for …

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Introduction Transhumanism is a new revolutionary movement that gained international fame. In this technique, the condition of human is transformed by enhancing the intellectual level of an individual. Transhumanism involves various techniques and technologies that will bring an individual’s  physical and psychological condition to an advanced level. Scientists studying transhumanism …

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Spiritual Warfare

spiritual warfare

Introduction Spiritual warfare is a term from which many of us are not really familiar. The concept  is a bit new for us, so let me introduce you  with the main idea first. Spiritual warfare is a Christian perspective of holding a defensive position towards the invisible evil and demonic …

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Baby Alien Mystery!

baby alien

Background In May 2007, the rumor of “baby alien” spread like a fire across Mexico television. The channels of Mexico overwhelmed by the reports of incredible events related to living alien. After sheer investigations, it was revealed that the body of an alien found in the farms of Mexico was …

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How science defends spirituality?

science defends spirituality

Background: “Spirituality” appears to be the most primitive source of happiness for the noble souls. But as today, things are revolutionizing due to technological advent. Now everyone is trying to find a scientific clue to their ever rising questions about several concepts of spirituality. Spiritual activists are eager to find …

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How science explains a phobia?


Introduction The science of phobia is a whole new field that needs to be studied in detail. A phobia is an everyday business for all of us. This is a very common problem faced by many of us. “Phobia” refers to a state of mind in which a person gets …

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Ice Woman Mystery

ice woman

Ice woman mystery is such a topic that manages to grab the attention of almost every person who is a fan of mystery events occurring in the world. Ice women mystery refers to a thrilling story of a young girl. This mysterious event happened various years ago in 1980. The …

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Exotic states of matter

exotic state of matter

Various hidden chapters of nature unfold in front of investigative minds through sheer investigations and experimentation. Exotic states of matter are discovered recently. The three states of matter, i.e. solid, liquid and gas are the most commonly known forms of matter. Matter studies have made certain progressive developments in recent …

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