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आध्यात्म और मन का गहरा रिश्ता

आध्यात्म और मन का गहरा रिश्ता

कुछ बातें ऐसी होती है जिसका विज्ञान के पास कोई जवाब नहीं होता और कुछ बाते ऐसी होती है, जिनका विज्ञान से गहरा तालुकात होता है। अध्यात्म श्याद काफी लोगो के पर हो, पर इसका विज्ञान से भी तालुक है, और दिमाग से भी। जो मनुष्य अपना जीवन व्यर्थ की …

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Meditation: Key to a Calmer Brain


Meditation might be more of a spiritual path for many people but it also has an immense scientific role to play for the betterment of your body and soul. People who are not into meditation, when they do it for the first time, don’t like the idea of being sitting …

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Introduction Transhumanism is a new revolutionary movement that gained international fame. In this technique, the condition of human is transformed by enhancing the intellectual level of an individual. Transhumanism involves various techniques and technologies that will bring an individual’s  physical and psychological condition to an advanced level. Scientists studying transhumanism …

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How science defends spirituality?

science defends spirituality

Background: “Spirituality” appears to be the most primitive source of happiness for the noble souls. But as today, things are revolutionizing due to technological advent. Now everyone is trying to find a scientific clue to their ever rising questions about several concepts of spirituality. Spiritual activists are eager to find …

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How science explains a phobia?


Introduction The science of phobia is a whole new field that needs to be studied in detail. A phobia is an everyday business for all of us. This is a very common problem faced by many of us. “Phobia” refers to a state of mind in which a person gets …

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Is Biohacking Immoral?


“Biohacking” is a new craze of the younger lot. Modern scientists take pride in the recent breakthrough in the field of biological hacking. Now let’s introduce you with the term biohacking. Biohacking has one, another name that is, wetware hacking. This is a very technical term that derives its meaning …

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Amazing uses of sound energy

After reading the given article, you’ll come to know some of the amazing uses of sound energy that might not come into your knowledge before. You’ll get ample clues about the amazing uses of sound energy in every field of human life, just give a read to this. Sound Energy …

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How Biomimicry is helpful for the human race?

bio mimicry

What is Biomimicry? Biomimicry is a whole new science of creating well engineered structures by following the design patterns available in the natural entities existing around us. As the word mimicry predicts, this field deals with imitating the ideas of nature for creating some useful stuff in order to help …

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