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ध्यान से चेतना की द्रष्टि की ओर


ध्यान एक अवस्था है. इसमें रह कर खुद को जान न ओर फिर ध्यान की ही अवस्था में रहकर अपने सवालो के उत्तर की खोज करना उसमे आघे बढ़ना है. जो लोग नए नए ध्यान की अवश्था में आते है, उन्हें ये मालुम न होता है की क्या करे. एक …

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Signs of Spiritual Awakening

spiritual awkening

Spiritual awakening is a series of changes that occur in the physical, mental and spiritual level of our life. They are some gradual changes because going through the phases of spiritual awakening with a fast pace can lead to some mental imbalance. This is because we are not prepared for …

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Spiritual Warfare

spiritual warfare

Introduction Spiritual warfare is a term from which many of us are not really familiar. The concept  is a bit new for us, so let me introduce you  with the main idea first. Spiritual warfare is a Christian perspective of holding a defensive position towards the invisible evil and demonic …

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How science defends spirituality?

science defends spirituality

Background: “Spirituality” appears to be the most primitive source of happiness for the noble souls. But as today, things are revolutionizing due to technological advent. Now everyone is trying to find a scientific clue to their ever rising questions about several concepts of spirituality. Spiritual activists are eager to find …

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Differentiating Spirituality from Religion


The two terms spirituality and religion are often used interchangeably because these are considered two terms with a same meaning. This is a great misconception because in reality those are two different terms with entirely distinct meaning. The evidence of this lie in a fact that there are various religious …

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How Spirituality relates to Age?

ageing is spiritual

Concept of Generativity Experts believe that spiritual maturity comes with age. Spirituality brings religious tilt in our lives. It is basically using religion as a basic medium to practice one’s compassion that often leads to offering volunteer service to mankind in various forms. The most common way to practice spirituality …

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Chinese Spiritual Concepts

China is such a vast region with a highly ethnically diverse population. The reason is that spiritual beliefs basically originate from the cultural norms and traditional values of a particular area. The following are the most significant Chinese Spiritual Concepts/beliefs practiced in most of the parts of China. Worshiping Ancestors …

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