Seeing Repeating Numbers Everywhere? This Is What It Could Be!

We are sure that this might have happened to you at least once when you saw a combination of numbers( Seeing Repeating Numbers ) while doing your day to day chores. Where you looked at the clock hanging on the wall and saw numbers in the series of 11:11, 1:11, and 4:44 or some of the other sequence and you fail to understand why you are seeing this. This might exactly not fall into something science and technology will explain, and you need to dig deeper to understand this.

After digging out some really interesting and cool information about it, we came up with pretty astonishing findings. When we talk about an individual person, he is a perfect combination of body, mind, and soul and spirit has always had a complete control over the human body. We use five senses and feel the sense of things physically but our spirit seeks connections that are beyond our understanding at times. We might think that we are having a certain connection with someone whom we meet and talk to but the spirit processes a lot of information on the similar process that directly goes to our subconscious. People, when they are deeply stuck in the physicality of things tend to completely ignore this divine connection that a spirit is seeking and we fail to notice that string which binds us to another soul. When this gets ignored to a prolonged period of times, our spirit prompts us to do things like staring at the wall or clock and this is where we see those numbers where the spirit is trying to make us see things beyond the perspective. The ego and the mind, at that particular point in time, will say that whatever we are seeing and looking at is plain impossible and this just cannot happen; but actually, it happens!

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Human minds are racing 24/7 and there are very little moments of time when we are actually in touch without higher self, that lets us communicate to our inner being, where ultimately we are in touch with our spirit. These numbers are a way to switch off our minds for a while to make us calm, to make us relax and understand the hidden message. There are times when we don’t get the message in a clear and concise manner, and this is when it appears on the clock, in our dreams, in our thoughts or in the plain vision because it is there in our subconscious and it brings it to the surface where we actually see it.

So, the next time you see a magic number or a representation onto something that your subconscious is projecting, you make sure that you stop for a moment and let yourself suck what your spirit is trying to show you. It might be a simple thank you note by your spirit, but it matters! It is something that might be magical spiritual awakening signs!

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