Mystery of the Great Pyramids: Engineered Beyond Perfection!

Pyramids have always been the source of curiosity for many people across centuries and no matter how deep people studied, they were never able to find out the complete details on each of them. They still remain one of the top unsolved mysteries of the world and here are some of the findings that make them more interesting.

  • The Egyptians have often termed the great pyramid as house of terrors.
  • There are no attestation or the record that claims who built them.
  • There is no papyrus document that depicts the Great pyramid.

  • It was impossible to create a structure that was almost 48 story tall using Stone Age tools and the way those pile of stones are arranged in precision-engineered, it was not possible doing all of that using just the man labour is another unsolved mystery stories.
  • The pyramid has a precise orientation to the north, making perfect use of science and technology that was unheard at that era.
  • Interiors of the pyramid have a sophisticated architectural design.
  • Each pyramid has a perfectly level base that spans over 2 acres. How it was possible to level the area that big to same accuracy today achieved with laser levels?!
  • The Pyramids have influenced architects from ages and they still are the most precisely oriented structure in the world.
  • The three pyramids are also perfectly lined and engineered on the same line even when they are seen from the sky.

Just to know what kind of technology, labour, and process was used at that time to build the pyramids and to solve the unsolved mystery stories surrounding the Great Pyramids, a team of Japanese engineers tried to reproduce a scale model of the Pyramid. After going through halfway of the process, they declared that they just could not meet the various challenges that building pyramid possesses, even in very small scale. Even when they tried to level up the stones using helicopters, they were not able to bring the corners into alignment.

Another task was to lift up the massive stones to the top of the structure that is just not possible without the help of modern cranes or using a sophisticated ramp system. Raising a 35-ton obelisk and 50-70 ton blocks of granite that encloses the King’s Chamber must have been impossible using just the man labour that time.

Even after years of exploring and studying about the details of the Great Pyramids, it still remains a True Unsolved Mysteries that keeps on getting more mysterious the more it is studied upon.


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