Transhumanism is a new revolutionary movement that gained international fame. In this technique, the condition of human is transformed by enhancing the intellectual level of an individual. Transhumanism involves various techniques and technologies that will bring an individual’s  physical and psychological condition to an advanced level.

Scientists studying transhumanism are always eager to detect the key consequences of using transhuman  techniques that actually overcome the basic  limitations of humans. It’s a strong assumption that transhumanism create such beings that have extremely advanced abilities.

Transhumanists are basically  striving to give some post human traits to the individuals. Transhumaist use fields of nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, bionics, and genetics i-e seem to be converging towards the goal of overcoming human limitations. The basic theme is to transform humans that could make them a better human than what nature has done. This technique actually, triggers the natural prices of human evolution. As we are watching things transforming at a faster pace, in this scenario, if humans will not keep up with this changing trend then the technologies human are inventing will overcome the world. With these fundamental limitations in performing tasks, human could not compete with highly advances by products of robotics and nanotechnology. Transhumanism will define a new era, where organisms are more evolved species.



Aspects of Transhumanism

Transhuman generations will lead an entirely different life. The advanced humans created after the implication of Transhuman techniques spend most of their energies and money in maintaining their health, beauty and intelligence. Other interests that present generation is their eagerness to attain love of others, they want to develop good relationships with other people. Transhumanists are working vigorously to produce animals and human hybrid. They are planning to mix, the key traits of humans with the animals. The resultant organisms will develop some amazing qualities. Just image a human with well developed wings to fly around can be a simple wonder that transhuman techniques could render.  But things get severe, if a competition will rise among transhumans and normal humans. Because  technologically “enhanced” humans see themselves as superior to non-technologically altered human beings.

Transhumanism is getting so popular these days. Despite of the ever rising  popularity of the the world, many among us are not even familiar with the term of transhumanism. They do not know about this movement. Transhuman literally means “an individual with attributes more advanced than the normal humans”. Transhumanists use the various tools of biohackers, roboticists, and futurists. In these techniques, high level science rules are manipulated to be used in order to yield some results in favor of humans. The most important aim for many transhumanists is to overcome human mortality. The scientists believe this goal could be achievable by 2045. It requires some sheer hardwork and consistent research to gain required results. Transhumanism techniques have been used for 30 years. The scientists are practicing them  for many years. The concept is highly influenced by science fiction theories. This particular movement has become international with the involvement of many formal groups in dozens of countries.

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