10 Reasons why you are having Sleepless Nights

In today’s fast-paced world, one of the most common health issues is Insomnia. Also regarded as sleeplessness, sleep disorder is becoming very common in both men and women. Eight-hour-a-day desk job, restless working, avoiding healthy diet and physical activities are some of the various reasons why you may find yourself awake at night. Let’s take a look at more reasons for sleepless nights:

Mental disorders such as anxiety, depression, stress, nervousness:

mental disorders



Stress is, doubtlessly, the most common mental issue with people. Especially when we talk about young generation dealing with the workload, working late night to complete the assignments or assigned tasks are more likely to get affected with sleeplessness. Even if you are worried about your next day interview, it can keep your eyes open.

Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD):

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Losing loved ones, any uncertainty in the past that you find unable to forget is another reason that attracts disorders like insomnia. When you find yourself unable to cope-up with those mental shocks faced in the past, it is obvious that you will find it difficult to get good night sleep. Breathing exercises and meditation can help with such issues.


Medicines for disease

Your doctor is free to advise your medicines as per your health condition. Some medicines out there can keep you out of your bed as well. Medication is for the betterment of your health of course, but some medicines are responsible to keep you awake as you may experience some mood swings, lack of focus and concentration and other issues. Consult your family doctor when you experience such issues with any medicine.

Changes in the daily schedule

Changes in daily schedule

Your body and mind become habitual to a daily routine you follow. A sudden change in the routine can also be a reason why can experience no sleep. A sudden trip or change in the place where you have been sleeping for long can lead to sleeping disorders.

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Financial issues

Financial Issues

Money matters and there are no two ways about it. Financial issues lead to a number of worries and hence, you may find yourself thinking about the ways to make money or find other ways around. From your electricity and mobile bills to rent, office expenses to household expenses, all those things can keep striking in your mind and result in sleeplessness.

Issues in relationships

Issues in relationship

Relationship issues are also becoming a common issue among people these days. Not with everyone though, but yes, fighting couples are huge in number. Relationship or issues in family fill your mind with tension and stress for which you will find yourself thinking too much laying on the bed, but still awake.

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Too much caffeine

Too Much Caffeine

Laziness or feeling sleepy is common while working continuously and hence, people grab a cup of coffee to stay awake. That’s what too much caffeine does to you. It keeps you awake at the time when you must be closing your eyes and dreaming.

Physical health issues

Physical Health Issues

Are you dealing with neck, back or leg pain? If yes, then chances are high that you may find troubles in sleeping. Especially when the pain is severe, nothing can help you sleep. Keep your body fit and away from injuries can make things easier.

Eating too late

Eating Too Late

Eating too much and too late can make your body busy in digesting the food eaten right before heading towards the bed. Eat at least 2 to 3 hours prior to sleeping can resolve the issue.

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Thinking too much

Thinking Too Much

When you think too much about the past or your future, you keep your mind engaged in those worries. You need a relaxed mind to get quality sleep. Are you still thinking?

Now, find your reason why you are still awake and find a way out with this as sleeplessness for a long time can cause other health issues. There are genuine reasons why doctors suggest to sleep at least eight-hours-a-day. So, at what time are you going to sleep tonight?

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