16 real signs you have found your soulmate!

When it comes to finding your soulmate, there’s no specific definition or series of steps that can get you there! When you find one, it’s a life-changing encounter in more than just a few ways. It’s a special meetup that happens by chance, and becomes your CHOICE FOR A LIFETIME! It’s a meaningful, strong, deep, and immediate connection that you have never experienced before. It’s that “ONE SPECIAL PERSON” who makes your dopamine levels go all crazy, gives you butterflies every time you see or meet them!

Signs of a Soulmate who “MUST BE” your True Life-partner!

If the above-tried definition of a soulmate is something that sounds familiar to you, it’s time to know who your soulmate is- here are some signs.

Deep down, you know you have found one!

Yes, once you find one, you already know it! How? Okay, the answer is your gut instincts, your intuitions, and your purest intuitions are always right! It’s something that only you can experience within yourself and you can’t resist believing your gut feelings, the one around you is your soulmate!

You love to see them happy and smiling

Your own happiness becomes secondary to you and all you want is to see your special someone happy and smiling, it’s such a bright lovely smile that makes your day, the smile you never want to fade, and the delightful face that you want to titivate your home walls with, it’s just the perfect moment where you want the time to stop, if smile and happiness of that one person is all you need in your life, that’s your soulmate!

Old conversations never get old


Even if it was almost a decade back, but when you read those conversations and find yourself as lost as it you can easily picturize those moments in your imaginations, and think like it’s a talk of yesterday, the one in your conversations is your soulmate!

Even at their worst, you can’t stop loving them!

Imagine life as a roller coaster, the ups and downs are the part. If you are completely fine to ride that roller coaster with that special someone, you love them when they have everything and when they have nothing, that person has surely become your life, and that’s your soulmate.

The couple’s intuitions!

Let’s get back to the intuition part! Can you sense that something is wrong with your suppose? Can you understand those unspoken words? If yes, then you two are made for each other and are the owner of a strong love bond, the real couple intuitions take place only among real soulmates and hence, the one with which your intuitions work, is your soulmate!

The mutual respect


Respect for that potential soulmate comes from within, it’s neither taught nor forced. When you find yourself respecting the other person’s values, beliefs, and the differences, and the feeling of respect comes from deep inside you and reflects in your actions, you are respecting the right person and that’s your soulmate!

You complete each other’s stories

Real love stories are never-ending ye complete! Your soulmate is the one who is the title, subtitle, and the body of your story, a story that is incomplete without that specific name, and the story that you never want to end, that one person in the story is your soulmate!

You fight for your relationship!

Soulmates are priceless, and they are worth the effort, even if you need to fight the whole world to get them! When you decide to deal with any obstacle that comes in your way, it reflects your seriousness about the relationship you are in and this, you can do only for the one who is your soulmate.

No secrets and no lies!

Relationships are based on trust, there must be no room for secrets and lies, they are poisonous for any relation. If you are truly in love with someone, you can never be able to keep secrets or lie to your special someone, no matter how worst the condition is. If you find yourself unable to lie to that special person and can’t keep secrets between you two, you’re soulmates! 

An unwavering trust!

Trust is the cornerstone of any relationship, it takes time to build, and maintaining it completely depends on the couples. Naturally, you put efforts to keep and strengthen the trust you two have built over time. If you have given sufficient time to a relationship and have been able to build an unbreakable trust, trust me, that’s soulmate! 

The comfort is incredible


Being together with your soulmate is an awesome feeling, the comfort is incredible even when you hold hands, sit together in a coffee shop, or behind the closed doors. You get all the cozy feeling and peace of mind. If someone brings you that extreme level of comfort, that’s soulmate!

You wish to be together when you are apart

Of course, distance doesn’t separate if two hearts are loyal to each other, but there’s always a desire to be together. Somewhere deep in your heart, you want that person around you 24/7, and you can go through all the struggles to get that life that you have imaged with that person, that’s your soulmate!

You handle the things you don’t agree with!

Couple fights are common, even among soulmate. But, the key difference is, the soulmates know (or can find) the ways to be on the same page, and never give up on each other. When these kinds of real couples can fight the whole world, they are pretty much experienced to manage their own conflicts, the one you have been managing the points of disagreements and fights, that’s soulmate!

You can’t think of being with someone else

Finding your soulmate has its own unique charm, it keeps you loyal, right in front, and behind the back. Options are always there, but when you know you already have the best, you never need or can even think about having another option. The one you need no options after, that’s soulmate!

Someone you can’t walk away from

Hand holding
Hand holding

It’s never easy to say goodbye to that special person, you start missing them again the moment you leave after meeting them. You feel them around you, and there’s always a wish to make those feelings come true, the one with whom you desire the togetherness is soulmate!

One whom you find worth sticking with and fighting for!

Sticking together with and fighting for that one person is a matter of choice! If you are wishing and willing to stick with that one person and you can fight the whole world for, that’s a soulmate.

Final words

So, consider yourself lucky if you have found the one who has all the above-mentioned qualities!

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