24 ways he says I love you- without even saying it!

Is he the one? Does he truly love you? Will he keep your trust? Or he’s yet another asshole with you for his benefits? A woman, while believing in a man, gets surrounded by hundreds of thousands of thoughts, she’s always, always careful when she starts believing in a man, she’s always afraid of heartbreak, especially if she’s broken by someone before, she’s extremely careful while falling in love with a man. So, how do you tell if he’s the one? Does he really mean when he says he loves you?

Some ways he says I love you, without words!

So, here I’m trying to put a few things about “HIM”, and this could give you a better idea of how much he loves you.

He kisses your forehead

He kisses your forehead
He kisses your forehead

What I believe is, a woman is lucky when her man kisses on her forehead, in a world full of assholes and jerks, finding a man for whom a forehead kiss is something that matters, is no less than finding a treasure. Girl, you are the owner of a ‘Respectful Love’, needless to mention how difficult it is to find. And, if he does this, yes, he loves you!

He loves looking into your eyes!

Eyes contacts in a relationship are awesome, no? The way he looks into your eyes says a lot about him and his love for you. If he maintains eye contact and you find yourself feeling shy, unable to look back in his eyes for long, these are such beautiful feelings of love, only a real man can make you feel, and he loves you!

He’s afraid of losing you

Really? Can a man be afraid of losing a woman? Yes, the one who loves you truly will always be afraid of losing you, even if he knows you’re not leaving him, don’t lose a man who has fear of losing you. The fear in a man of losing his woman is one of the biggest signs of true love, remember, he loves you!

Your happiness matters to him

Yeah, he might do some stupid things that may hurt you, doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about your happiness, he may miss doing those small things that you want him to, but he’ll be there for you when it counts the most! When you are in a relationship, sometimes you may miss thinking about how many times he made you happy, and you are more likely to think about how many times he has hurt you, you can call it human nature, but give it a try to think about how many times he has made you happy- you will know if he loves you.

He’s with you, not just for saying it

He's always with you
He’s always with you

When he says he’s with you, these words in times of need must make you feel relaxed, even if it’s a small text, it must give you a sense of someone has held your hand and he’s there for you. Do you feel the same when he says he’s with you? If you do, yes, he loves you.

He can’t lie to you

Men are considered to be liars, especially in a relationship, I’m unsure how true it is and don’t wanna get into a man-woman battle of lying and cheating, all I can say is if he is in love with you, he can’t lie to you. Lying and cheating are choices, not mistakes. If he’s not lying to you and cheating on you- he loves you.

He’s talkative

Sensible ones or rubbish, a man truly in love speaks a lot, yeah there can be some exceptional cases when being in silent mode is in nature. But, if he’s talking to you freely and fearlessly, and even his non-sense talks are pleasing to your ears, he loves you.

I love you
I love you

He’s his real self

A man who’s truly in love clears the mess of complications, he keeps everything simple, he’s open and honest, he is the way he is when he is with you. When your man is not hiding anything, telling you the deepest of his secrets, and keeping things simple, he’s love for has already gone through the roof. If you feel your man is how he is when he is with you, he loves you.

His happiness can be seen in his eyes when he’s with you

Some things in love and relationships have no specific definition, just like the happiness in the eyes. There’s a different brightness in his eyes, the happiness of being with you can be seen in his eyes and felt, if you saw that, he loves you!

He never wants to hurt you

Always remember, a man in love cares about your happiness, he can’t hurt you, at least not intentionally. There lies a big difference between hurting you out of stupidity and hurting you with intentions. Something that is done intentionally can be caught easily, and if your man is not hurting you intentionally, he loves you.

He fights with you

No relationship is perfect, even the happiest couples in the world may have little fights, may have little differences, and some fights have care hidden behind it. When he fights with you and for you, he’s worth keeping and he loves you.

He can fight the whole world for you

He can fight the world for you
He can fight the world for you

The reality is easily revealed at the right time and at the right place, if he loves you truly, he will fearlessly go to the ends of the earth when it counts. Even when the whole world is against you, he’ll be the one holding your hand, keeping your head high, if you feel he can do this for you, yes, he loves you.

You’re his whole world

What makes a man fight for his woman? A man, in love, knows you are his whole world and his life belongs to you, it’s a life or death thing for a man when he finds you in need when he finds his woman standing alone, finding a man who can fight the world for you is not a normal thing, it’s because he loves you.

He sings for you, no matter how bad

He knows he’s not born with great vocal skills, but still, if he attempts singing for you, it’s no less than the whole world coming together to express his love for you. Yeah, he may not be the best singing voices you have ever heard of, it’s a courageous thing to do, takes a lot to collect the confidence (especially when he knows he’s bad at singing) to sing, and if he has ever done this, he loves you.

He takes time to decide your gift

He takes time to decide your gift
He takes time to decide your gift

He may not be too good at choosing gifts, but when a man is in love truly, he doesn’t pick just about anything from a gift shop simply to meet the purpose of gifting, he chooses what he finds unique and if you man knows about the value of gifts and those small moments of happiness, he loves you.

He writes for you

Alike singing, he may not be a pro at writing, but anything that is penned down is way more meaningful than something that is said, even an ‘I love you’ in writing has a different kind of charm and feel, no matter how bad he’s at writing and hand-writing if he’s doing so, he loves you.

He hates distance

Whenever you’re together, physical contact is maintained, every little touch is his way to express his love for you. He hates physical distance and in times when you can’t maintain physical contact even when you are together, there is a feeling of discomfort. If he hates distance (and you also don’t want to), he loves you.

He sees you everywhere!

You’re always with him even when you are not together, day in and day out, he’s missing you, seeing you everywhere he wants to be with you. From watching couples together to even a normal couple pic, almost everything makes him feel lost in the world of imagination where he’s with you.

He kisses more than just your lips, he kisses your soul!

He kisses your soul
He kisses your soul

The exchange of love in the form of kisses is amazing and says a lot about his love for you. Giving words to these feelings is impossible, simply, if his kisses touch your heart and soul, he’s worth keeping, and he loves you.

He puts his arms around your waist and shoulder

A woman is well aware of good touch and bad touch, the intentions are instantly felt when a man touches a woman. When a man puts his arms around her woman’s waist, it’s a sign that HE IS PROUD TO HAVE YOU, he feels comfortable, if he’s putting his arms around your waist and shoulders when you are together, remember, it’s his way of saying that he loves you.

He holds your hands and plays

Imagine a time when he’s with you neither keeping his arms around your waist nor holding your hands, maintaining a little distance when sitting next to you, yeah, you will feel like punching in his face. The act of hand-holding is a small thing with deep meaning and feelings, it’s full of love, and if your man is holding your hand, it means he loves you.

He plays with your hair

He plays with your hair
He plays with your hair

He can make your hair a little messy, he loves playing with your hair, sometimes, small things make a big difference. If he loves playing with your hair, he loves you.

He keeps your gifts carefully

Aren’t men known for living messily and carelessly? But if your man loves you, he can be careless about his own belongings but not with what you have presented as a gift to him. he knows how valuable it is for you, he knows the feelings associated with those precious belongings, and if you find him valuing what you gifted, he truly loves you.

He establishes an instant and intense connection

From looking into your eyes to holding your hands, kissing your soul to a lovable hug, an instant and intense connection is the sign that you are with the right person, and if you have experienced that connectivity, it means he truly loves you.

Summing it up

Well, it’s a lesser-known fact that men are a lot more careful and sensitive when they are GENUINELY in love with someone. Real man, who says I love you in the above-mentioned ways, is the one a woman should hold on tight because he’s your forever man!


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