4 Unsolved Ocean Mysteries and Wonders that You are Probably Unaware Of

Can you imagine how many unsolved ocean mysteries might be there in the deep and dark unexplored ocean?

We are already aware of many such mysteries and facts, that too when only 5% of the world’s oceans have been explored, and almost 95% of the ocean bodies are yet to be explored. You can imagine of dragons hiding in the ocean, or a whole ancient city drowned and still there deep down in the ocean, and all those underwater mysteries might come true someday.

There are efforts being put into exploring the ocean bodies further, but no technology is advanced enough to pull that off. As a result of that, some of the historical texts and many recent incidents have given birth to many such mysteries of the ocean. Let’s discuss those mysterious things in the ocean that we know exists somewhere.

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4 Unsolved Ocean Mysteries and Wonders that You are Probably Unaware of


1. The Second Atlantis, the “Atlantis of Japan”

You must have heard many fascinating stories about the “Drowned city of Atlantis”, and all of those might be true. But, do you know there are possibilities of one more such city being drowned in the ocean near Japan?

It was first in 1986 when the evidence of the existence of a drowned city beneath the water was found in the form of large formations by a local diver. It was very close to an island in the south of Japan “Yonaguni Jima”.

The formations were claimed to look like ruins of Castles, Temples, and Stadiums, by a famous marine geologist Masaaki Kimura. Others claimed it to be a case of the natural sandstone cutting phenomenon of water. It still remains a mystery.

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2. The Disappeared Submarines in 1968

In 1968, something mysterious happened in the ocean all around the world, 4 submarines of different countries got disappeared. It was quite strange as it happened in the same year, and no one knew what exactly happened, or what caused a total disappearance of those submarines in the Ocean.

The Four submarines that disappeared were the Minerve (France), the K-129 (Soviet Union), the USS Scorpion (U.S.), and the INS Darak (Israel).

No one found the remains of any submarine yet.

3. The Milky Sea

Have you ever seen a sea glowing with the sparkles, seems beautiful, but it is actually one of the biggest unsolved ocean mysteries?

The milky sea, or more specifically termed as “pale, milky, glowing waters”, that used to be a part of the tales told by sailors of Yore, was later confirmed by British Merchant Vessels in 1995. The scientists later came to the conclusion that it is the luminous effects of bacteria that gathers there to attract fishes. It is still vague that what caused so many bacteria at one place and how they possess that luminous effect. But one thing is known for sure, that those bacteria indeed gave birth to a mystery and an interesting view in the Sea.

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4. The Cannibal Shark

It is rare for a shark to eat another shark, but we have seen it before and we know that it is possible. But, can you imagine something so big that it can easily eat a nine-foot-long great white shark? It happened once, and it makes us more curious about mysterious things in the ocean.

It happened when the scientists were tracking a white shark, the data they recovered from the tag was terrifying and surprising at the same time. They discovered that the temperature of the tag suddenly increased to a 78 Degree Fahrenheit from 46 Degree Fahrenheit, and at the same time the shark suddenly dove as deep as 1,903 feet. These data in combined brought the scientists to a conclusion that the great white shark was eaten by something bigger. Some claimed that it could be a Cannibal Great White Shark. Now, it still remains a mystery that how big that thing could be.

The Ocean is full of mysteries, and there are still many mysteries of the ocean that are still unsolved or are unexplored. You never know how much 95% of the unexplored ocean has to offer you. Thus, we keep bringing you such unexplored mysteries of the Ocean, so that you can share and tell everyone about them.

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