5 Amazing Facts about Upcoming Elections in India 2019! Facts You Should Know

The dates of 2019 Lok Sabha Election in India are out, the elections will take place between 11th April to 19th May, with the counting and results announcement being on 23rd May. The most interesting thing in this election is to see that who will be the next prime minister of India in 2019. But that is not it, India is the biggest democracy in the world hosts the election at a level bigger than any other country. It is more of like a festival. Now, as the Elections are approaching, things will heat up, rallies will take place, there will be public shows, road shows, promises, controversies and a whole lot of things.

Today, we are here to tell you a few things that you might not know about the upcoming elections in India. Few facts that set the Indian Election totally apart from any other elections in the world.

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5 Amazing Facts about Upcoming LokSabha Elections in India

1. It is so-so big

The Indian Elections are just too big in terms of numbers, candidates, parties etc. More than 900 million adults are expected to take part in the LokSabha elections this year. The number of polling stations to occupy all the voters are more than 1 million. The number of potential voters in India is more than the population of countries in Europe and Australia combined. There will be 464 national and regional parties fighting in this election with more than 8,300 Candidates.

2. It costs the country too much in terms of monetary value

The Expenditure of all the parties in combined for the LokSabha Election 2019 is expected to be around $9 Billion, almost twice of the $5bn in 2014 LokSabha Elections. The cost is a little less than the twice of what America spent in the 2016 election, that was $6.5bn. This much of the high cost hurts the Indian Economy to an incalculable level.

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3. It’s a long process

The Election in India isn’t a one-day process, the voting itself takes a month or two. The voting is done in phases with respect to states. The Voting this year will take place on the dates 11 April, 18 April, 23 April, 26 April, and 6 May, 12 May, 19 May.

The country’s the shortest elections were held in 1980, it was a 4-day long election, and the country’s the longest elections were held in 1952, that completed in more than 3 months.


4. Religion and Caste dominate the elections in India

Religion and Caste dominate the Indian election just like it any other thing in India. It has been recorded that the party is successful in luring a majority community has a major chance of winning the elections. The two major religion i.e. Hinduism and Islam influence the Indian election at the very extent. This also gives birth to the caste-based political agendas and riots.

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5. More Women voter than the Men

This election is supposed to bridge and surpass the gender gap between the voters. It might happen for the first time in any general elections that the number of women voters will be more than the number of men voters. In the last general election held in 2014, the percentage of women voters was 65.3% compared to the men voters 67.1%. With the 5 years of gap, this time the percentage of women voters is expected to surpass the percentage of men voters.

Although the upcoming LokSabha election 2019 are a month away, the heat has started to spread with the announcement of dates. There are more than 5 such facts about the elections in India, and we will bring you more as the election dates will come closer.

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