5 ways to stop your inner critic and improve your life!

We are all aware of the fact that we need to keep negativity at bay, no matter where it comes from. But, keeping yourself positive in negative situations is easier said than done. Yes, you will find a lot of motivational thoughts and sayings, plenty of videos and a lot more stuff spread over the internet that talk about staying away from negativity, stop your inner critic, and staying positive. But when negativity actually strikes, it’s hard to determine which motivational though or video fits in there, and how can you cope up.

Especially when those negative feelings come from within, your inner voice becomes your critic, it’s truly tough to deal with.

How to stop your inner critic?

Here, we will discuss how actually you can stop your inner critic and become the best version of yourself.

Take a deep breath

When your inner critic starts to speak unwanted and bad things about yourself, it becomes difficult to understand how to deal with the situation, how to get your deal with your daily chores, it affects you mentally so bad. And, that’s the moment you need to take a pause.

So, do it. Take a pause, take some deep breath, inhale from your nose, exhale from your mouth, yes, perfect!

Get lost in your breathing for a few minutes while keeping your eyes closed, after doing this for a minute or two, you will surely realize you are not that bad.

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This is more important because this is where your process of improving and stopping your inner critic starts. When you face such issues with your inner self, it’s more important that you realize how and how much these negative feelings affect you. Sometimes, what happens is, we don’t even realize that we are being attacked by our inner critic and we simply go with the flow, enabling our inner critic to take control of our thoughts and feelings. You need to realize this first, how does it feel in your body, how does it affect your emotions.

Accept it


No, not what your inner critic says about you, you need to accept the fact that your inner critic is telling something wrong about yourself and you need to resolve this. I’ve met many people in my life with a negative outlook towards life, no goals and nothing, totally negative and still, they show like they are the best ones, they are amazing in every possible way, and more importantly, they are never wrong.

Some people are truly crazy and they don’t accept if there is something wrong.

You don’t need to be that way.

You need to realize, accept, and take steps to improve!

Slowly and gradually, you will become the best version of yourself.

Make your choice

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So, now when you know that something is wrong and you have accepted it, it’s time to choose, it’s time to choose whether you will stay the same and let your inner critic keep playing with you, or you want to find a solution.

If you will choose to remain the same, you will, and if you will decide to find a solution, again, you will.

Conquer the inner critic

Conquer your inner critic
Conquer your inner critic

Now, you are all set to tell your inner critic the truth. You might be in trouble or you might be wrong, things may be messy at the moment but you know how to overcome the obstacles, you know you can and you will. Shut your inner critic up and that’s when you will become the best version of yourself.

Final words

So, now when you know what you need to do when your inner voices don’t speak the way you want, simply do it and be the best!

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