6 Key Reasons why you Feel Depressed at Night!

Isn’t it strange how easily and quickly emotions overshadow your mind, heart, and the overall reactions of your body? Especially, when the sky turns dark and the lights are dim, you are all set to ride the emotional rollercoaster. Out of nowhere, you will find yourself dwelling in the past or worried about the future or thinking about any such incident that sets your eyes to rain for hours, and the pillow becomes the absorber of all your freaky emotions. The night itself becomes a nightmare, and the feelings of anxiety, depression, and nervousness are through the roof. You make endless attempts to gain control over your emotion and stop your tears, that you already know you can’t, and this storm of emotional suffering will pass only when you’ll fall asleep, unknowingly! The nighttime depression– SUCKS!

At some point or another, almost all of us have been through such a disastrous, mind-boggling, and eye-watering night. And, the next morning, it’s all dizzy, the head is heavy, and all you wish is to sleep, a little more, a little longer.

6 reasons for nighttime depression everyone must know

So, let’s know why these nights come to make your eyes wet!

When you can’t stop thinking!

Stress and nighttime depression
Stress and nighttime depression

One of the biggest reasons why you find yourself caught in such situations is deep, unstoppable thinking. When you think about your past or an event time and time again, the mind is sure to entangle in the arguments and disappointments. Now, you make your mind think about the ways you could have made things better.

The dim lights!

Good night’s sleep is something that seems impossible when you are surrounded by nighttime depression. Even the studies have proven that there is a connection between the dim lights and depression. When you are young, your eyes are more sensitive and hence, total darkness can prove to be the right solution!

Disturbed Circadian Rhythm

You have got a natural internal clock that tells your mind and body when it’s time to be active and when it’s time to rest. This clock is the reason that makes you feel You can have multiple reasons to disturb that clock, night shifts at work, excessive lights or sound while sleeping or others.

Wrong Chronotype

At times, people set their own clock of sleeping. For instance, if you are not among the night owls, you will probably have a fixed time of going to bed. If you disturb those sleeping hours for long, you are more likely to feel depressed. Moreover, those who are night owls, they can easily get caught by nighttime depression.

Tiredness and fatigue


Long day at work, no fun, no friends around, and when you reach home in this condition and fully tired, you can find troubles sleeping. When you will find yourself unable to sleep, it will result in frustration, and excess frustration, in turn, will lead to depression.

When you face loneliness!

When you spend too much time alone, there is no one around to share your thoughts and feelings, everything gets stored in your mind and heart. And, when your mind and heart are completely filled, it starts emptying itself in the night on your pillow, in the form of tears.

Okay, Good Night!!

So, now you know the reasons and why you are depressed in night. Stay away from negative things, stay busy, stay safe, and sleep well!

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