9 Countries Where You Can’t Find McDonald’s

Have you ever thought that? The World’s Most Popular fast food company is completely banned in some countries. Yes, McDonald’s is restricted in some countries. In Country like the United States, you can find McDonald’s on every 100 miles but, There are some countries too, where you can’t find a single McDonald’s.

Here are we collected, 9 Countries Where You Can’t Find McDonald’s. Let’s Begin…


9 Countries Where You Can not Find McDonalds- Bermuda-Facto-facts

There was only on McDonald’s Restaurant near 1995 on Caribbean Island, due to the Policy of Bermuda government 1970s. To solve these issues McDonald found a place near US naval air station, which is closed in 1995.  The Franchise also tried to open another restaurant in Bermuda, but the law wins.


9 Countries Where You Can not Find McDonalds- Iran-Facto-facts

In recent time, As We know Iran and USA relations are always tensed. Due to it McDonald’s don’t want to be trapped in any type of controversies, to avoid damages in any critical situations they have not set up any single restaurant in Iran country. To provide the same feeling like McDonald’s, they launched own restaurant with Mash Donald’s name.

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9 Countries Where You Can not Find McDonalds- Macedonia-Facto-facts

There is a small nation in Europe, which is being located in the Balkans. There was only seven McDonald’s present there. But In 2013 Due to Some License issues with McDonald’s is the biggest reason to get permanently closed in this country.


9 Countries Where You Can not Find McDonalds- Yemen-Facto-facts

McDonald’s thought that opening a restaurant in the countries like Yemen, would not be economical, and also Yemen countries are extremely against to McDonald’s restaurants.


9 Countries Where You Can not Find McDonalds- Montenegro-Facto-facts

Around the year 2003, McDonald’s tries to start their Tiny Store to this tiny place.  We can say it a mobile store. They were thinking that this strategy will be successful to this nation. Due to it, local business complained about McDonald’s, and they made a unity to restrict McDonald’s in their country. Finally, the government restricted McDonald’s.

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North Korea

9 Countries Where You Can not Find McDonalds- north korea-Facto-facts

As we Know the history and relationship of North Korea and USA are being tensed always. They don’t allow any foreigner company to do business in their nation. And there are also some weird laws that you can only see in North Korea. In this country, they have own restaurant which is known as Mc*Goudies. Rumors said that it is being smuggled from South Korea.


9 Countries Where You Can not Find McDonalds- Zimbabwe-Facto-facts

Zimbabwe, the Country Where you can’t find a Single McDonald’s. The Year Around 2000, McDonald’s tried to introduce their new restaurant in Zimbabwe. But, that time this country was suffering from the Economical Collapses. That’s Why McDonald’s permanently closed in this country.

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9 Countries Where You Can not Find McDonalds- Bolivia-Facto-facts

The McDonald’s is restricted in Bolivia, Due to health care policies. In 2002, McDonald’s closed their franchise in this beautiful south nation. Where earth meets the sky. The people of Bolivia were not interested to buy burgers that could be another reason.  The President of Bolivia shows his opinion on the fast food franchises. He said that to build corporate profits by avoiding human health will not be tolerated.

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9 Countries Where You Can not Find McDonalds- ice land-Facto-facts

Similar to Zimbabwe, Iceland has same economic issues, due to it, McDonald’s was unable to survive their restaurants. In 2009, McDonald’s was Closed Permanently. Ice Land Always Priorities to human health’s, that could be another reason for McDonald’s to banned in Iceland.

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