Are you highly sensitive person? Here are some ways to know!

They feel too much, and they feel too deep- the biggest identity of highly sensitive people is their severe emotional response to an occurrence or surroundings. And, there is nothing wrong if you are among those 20% of the population who are highly sensitive persons (HSPs). Moreover, there are some positives of being sensitive- you listen to people carefully; you better understand the needs of others, you have great empathy and this list goes on.

10 signs of highly sensitive people

So, let’s know if you are among highly sensitive people, here are some signs.

Small things make big room in your heart

You take every little thing very seriously, especially when something wrong is being said or done to you. More importantly, when these unwanted words or actions come from any of your near and dear ones, it literally kills you and you take a very long time to forget those small incidents.

You know what’s going on around you!

You are well aware of what’s happening around you and what actions you need to take that work in your favor. You are confident from within and you know your way, regardless of what people say and where they guide you.

You can actually feel the pain of others

Greater empathy is your quality, you can feel what others feel and you can understand what the needs of others are. Also, when you find someone in need, at times, you can go above and beyond to help others, even if you need to compromise with yourself.

You are an owner of deep and alive feelings

As mentioned earlier, you feel deep and you feel too much. It is the sign that your feelings are deep and alive, you notice smallest things and everything matters, and matters a lot to you and your deep feelings.

You are more likely to help others

You can go above and beyond to help needy as you can understand their pain and sufferings. You prefer helping in every possible way be it emotional or financial, you can take the burden on yourself to see a smile on the face of others.

You neglect bigger crowds

Are you highly sensitive person?
Are you highly sensitive person?

Do you find late night parties and pubs not your type places? If yes, then you are highly sensitive. Of course, so many people love to enjoy drinks, dance, and the crowd, and you prefer sitting comfortably at home watching your favorite movies and shows. Calm places are your choice and you prefer being in your comfort zone.

You take time to forget things!

When something wrong is done to you or happens around you, it stays in your mind for long, and for very long at times. Sensitive people are among those who forgive but never forget. This is where your sensitivity is defined again, feeling so much and feeling so deep.

You love “ME” time!

Quality “ME” time is what you prefer instead of being with a crowd in a party or even in social gatherings. Also, some sensitive people will find themselves smiling for no reason at all as there is a lot of things going on in their mind.

More breaks, work less

Sensitive people need a lot of pauses, in life and also at work. At times, they get bored easily and need some breaks to re-organize yourself.

A couple of friends to hang out are enough for you!

A big no-no to crowd, it makes you feel uncomfortable. But, when you have a couple of your old friends with you, you enjoy the most and have all the fun with those who are close to your heart.

Final words

Well, here are some ways you can know a little more about yourself and also how sensitive you are. Enjoy reading and don’t forget to share with the sensitive people you know, they will love to read it!


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