Artificial Intelligence! The Technology Predictions for 2019

While entering in the year 2019, it should be no longer a surprise to talk about the upcoming era of Artificial Intelligence (AI). In the last few years of extreme tech advancement, we have seen AI getting involved in our lifestyle slowly and carefully. It would be in no time we will see the Artificial Intelligence conquering our world, doesn’t it sound like straight out from the Terminator series? It isn’t that level of threat, or you can say it is no threat at all as of now.

Artificial Intelligence! The Technology Predictions for 2019

Artificial Intelligence is now evolving from our homes to our businesses, from answering our queries in the home to helping the industries grow. A perfect example of it is the use of AI-powered chat bots by Facebook to enhance the ad campaign’s performance. Now, with the start of the new year, let’s predict the growth and advancement of the AI we might see throughout the year.

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Our predictions for the Artificial Intelligence in the year 2019

Artificial Intelligence! The Technology Predictions for 2019
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1. The Speech Recognition

We have already seen a glimpse of it the last year. The popularity of Amazon Alexa, Google Home etc., were the perfect example of Artificial Intelligence in terms of Speech Recognition. These devices brought some major changes to people’s life and added extra convenience and fun by providing them with information in the most convenient way possible, thus we can predict more such AI-powered speech recognition devices this year.

Many companies like Sony, LG, and Whirlpool are already in line to put out some of their devices.

2. Virtual Agents urf the Virtual ghosts

Well, they are called Virtual Agents, but what if they start talking through your screen in the full moon night, then they will be called Virtual Ghosts, Scary! Last year we have seen a business using AI-powered virtual tools such as chat boats, they can chat with you, help you in selections, payment, searching, classification etc. But what we are predicting is that we may see the actual virtual agents in the very near future. Those beautiful virtual faces may interact with you, help you in everything possible, and who knows if they might laugh on your face also.

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3. Cyber Security

Those greedy Cyber Criminals are getting smarter day by day, and with the formation of Internet Of things, they are going nowhere far away from this treat. Cyber criminals and hackers are a potential threat to the internet connected devices and are no easier to counter. But with the power of AI in our hands, it would be far easier for us and the businesses to make their server and devices secure.

The combination of Machine Learning and AI can prove to be a big game changer. The AI can detect such abnormal activities in the real-time and can prevent them from spreading.

Artificial Intelligence! The Technology Predictions for 2019

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4. Image Recognition

We already know it, in the form of Face unlock in our smart devices, the AI-powered Image recognition is somewhat the same but more advanced. The image recognition is our computer’s ability of grabbing, processing, and analysing the visual data with the help of AI. We can predict it getting more mainstream in the near future with its contribution in securing the city with the CCTV’s, analysing the diseases, secure payments etc. Well, it can also detect your license plate, so don’t try to be over smart at those traffic signals.

The predictions for Artificial Intelligence in 2019 can go to N numbers, but these 4 are what we feel the most practical and potential advancements. The Artificial Intelligence-based devices can soon be seen talking to us and doing our work, or maybe making us work for them, who knows? But what we know is that the time is not far away.

Till then, help yourself!

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