Atheism! An Escape to The Open World – Why Atheism is Unstoppable ?

Have you ever thought about escaping to the open world? The world without any boundaries. A world where no superior being sits up above on the clouds to decide your afterlife once you die. A world with no religious restrictions. Yes! We are talking about Atheism. A disbelief or lack of belief in the existence of God and religion that gives you the freedom to live the life your way. Read to know why Atheism is Unstoppable. 

Let’s understand what Atheism is:

Atheism, in a popular sense, is a disbelief in the existence of a god or any religion and it also rejects all the popular beliefs hinting at the life after death and other spiritual myths. Atheism strictly denies the existence of any deities. Hence, directly being in contrast with the Theism that beliefs in the existence of god and religion. 

In a simple sense, the one who doesn’t believe that God exists or strongly doubts the existence of a god or any deities will with no doubt won’t be a part of any religion and will consider himself as an Atheist. Every religion, Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and others have a good amount of population of Atheists. It is growing at a rapid rate with the people gaining a better understanding of the world, and it seems like Atheism is Unstoppable.

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The History of Atheism dates back to 6th century BCE:

Atheism practices are believed to be originated from India and are as old as the historic Vedic period. Few among the 6 orthodox schools of Hindu philosophy from the Vedic region doesn’t accept God. In the western regions, the Atheism is evident to come in existence later with the time.

In the Early 21st century a movement with the name of “New Atheism” took a center stage in form of modern Atheism. As a part of which writers advocated the view that. “Religion should not simply be tolerated but should be countered, criticized, and exposed by rational argument wherever its influence arises.”

Why Atheism is Unstoppable:

Some may consider Atheism as a religion or a belief, but in a panoramic view, it is freedom from belief.

Theists may claim Atheism or disbelief in God as a sin that leads to hell. But for Atheists, there is no hell and no heaven. When you decide to question the existence of almighty, you start walking on the road of self-awareness, you replace the faith with the facts and logic. Once you accept that there is no God and no religion, all the walls around you that had been restricting you in the name of your particular religion falls off, and then you can have a broader view of the world, the actual world.

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It may be hard for the majority to accept Atheism, as it directly hits back on our centuries-old practices and beliefs. It denies what our ancestors believed and requires us to build a new foundation of understanding about the world. But once you start realizing that every practice and every belief in respect to the religion is harming our society in one way or another you will start making your way out of the fantasy world and will start feeling the actual peace of the world.

How Religions may be Harming our Society: –

If the past is to be believed, it gives us a clear sight of how much the religion is harming us. The events of 9/11 in states and 26/11 in India were directly or indirectly related to some particular religious practices. The recent floods in Kerala (India) and the religious debate that followed it clearly states the inhumanity and blindness towards the actual issues that religion leads us to. In history, each and every fight or the slavery practices were influenced by Religion.

Atheism is also not the perfect. There has been community influence and tries to confine the possibilities to reach the open world by restricting it to certain trusts or societies and by starting various practices. But Atheism still is a self-chosen path and is full of scientific facts and humanity, it gives us the freedom if we want to be part of the religious society and still not believe in it, it gives us the freedom to visit every holy place and celebrate festival of every religion and still not be a part of wrong practices. Atheism totally kicks out the hate in the world that religion brings and replaces it with the love, understanding, and respect.

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So, what do you think?

So now you understand how much positivity Atheism brings in our lives by replacing the religions, didn’t you? Of course, you didn’t. It will take time to go against the roots of beliefs that had been grown to the existence of human being. You need to quit every previous thought in your mind for a moment, and then have to think, and then decide the path you wish to take ahead.

Is Atheism Good? Is Atheism Bad? Should Atheism exist? How much damage religions are causing? Are you an Atheist or you believe in Good? Do you also think that Atheism is Unstoppable? If Yes, let us know why do you think Atheism is Unstoppable? Comment below and let us know your thoughts on it.


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