Beard vs clean-shaven: The battle of facial hair continues…

We have been seeing a lot of conflicting views and opinions on men’s facial hair trends in the last few years, and it seems to continue in the coming years too. Some think a clean shave is never out of fashion while others say a beard is hot and sexy. Where should a man land on this beard versus clean-shaven spectrum?

When should you grow a beard?


See if you find these points familiar.

  • Does growing a beard and mustache give you a sense of power and confidence? When you take a walk down the street, you will find men with a variety of beard growing in different shapes and sizes, if you think you fit well among those, just go for it.
  • If you are among trend followers, you can give beard and mustache a try and see whether it gives you a new, classic look. Yes, the beard is considered classic and there are various celebrities you can find following the trend of facial hair.
  • Beards are thought to signal men’s age and masculine social dominance. If socializing and people’s comments make a difference in your life, you can try following the trend and see what people have to say about your new look.
  • Doubtlessly, women find the beard and mustache attractive and sexy. Many women turn their heads when they see a man with a well-groomed beard and mustache, let the turning woman take the decision whether she is actually attracted towards you or it’s just because a few celebrities have given a rise to this trend.
  • If you feel you can do well with the time and commitment beard grooming requires, and you feel it looks great on your face and makes you feel confident, then you must go ahead!

When should you choose clean-shaven?

Clean shaven man
Clean shaven man
  • If you are among those who believe growing a beard doesn’t make you a man and a clean shave is evergreen, the choice is all yours and you can get rid of facial hair.
  • If you don’t give a damn about what people have to say about your looks. Yeah, there are men who like to keep their looks the way they like, not based on the opinion of others.
  • If you think you don’t want to buy time for taking care of your facial hair and investing in all the creams, gels, and tools to maintain beard and mustache, a clean shave is a right choice to make.
  • A lot of women find clean-shaven men sexy too, not every woman likes to kiss a face full of hair, if you feel you are sexy and don’t need a beard, you can make a statement in clean shave too.
  • It is believed that a clean shave makes you look younger than your actual age, if you think you look young without a beard, just go for it.


In conclusion, let’s end the debate with a reality that studies conducted on beard vs clean shaven are conflicting and there’s no specific proof that facial hair has something to do with your testosterone levels, manliness, or your sex drive, and the same goes with clean-shaven men.

It should be a matter of choice, if you are okay without facial hair, go for it. And, if you feel you look and feel good in a beard, do the same.

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