Believing the unbelievable: Explore the World of Superstitions!

If you avoid going to the office on Friday the 13th, you are not alone. Many people from different parts of the globe do the same as they consider the day unlucky. Here, we are going to shed light on the psychological mechanisms behind superstitious thinking.Skipping the daily routine is a small part, even the airports and airlines skip the 13th aisle, high-rise buildings around the world don’t have a 13th floor, and even the hospitals and hotels skip the room with number 13, more than 70% of students in the US believe in good luck charms for better academic performance and the list of superstitions people abide by goes on.

A quarter of adults based in the US are superstitious and the recent trends prove that youngsters are more superstitious than older people. Even in China, people think that red color or the number 8 brings wealth and happiness. On the other hand, a study of consumers in Taiwan reveals that shoppers pay extra money for fewer items in a package as they want the items in the package shows lucky number.

Well, let’s take a look at some common and strange superstitions

Here is a crazy list of superstitions, enjoy!

Happy Birthday wishes

Celebrating or wishing “Happy Birthday” prior the actual date is considered to bring bad luck, especially in people in Russia believe in it.

Two mirrors opposite to each other

Infinite reflections, without a doubt, look so cool. It is a belief in Mexico and elsewhere that facing mirrors open the doors for evil.

Sticking the chopsticks straight up

In Japan, pointing chopsticks straight to someone is considered to be rude and pocking chopsticks down into your food looks like unlucky number four which means death.

Black cat

Seeing a black cat or when a black cat crosses your way, something bad is on its way.

Give a penny when you receive a knife or anything sharp

If you receive a knife, scissors or anything sharp, you should give a coin in return.

Never cheers with water glasses

It’s a German superstition that came from Greek mythology, cheers with water is considered to wish death upon the people you are drinking with.

Itchy hands and money

Now from Turkey, itchy right hand means you will get some money and itchy left hand means you are going to lose some money.

Bird poop is a sign of good fortune

Russian superstition, if a bird poop lands on you or any of your belonging will bring you wealth, so make sure to read the next superstition under a tree.

Owls are bad omens

Egyptian superstition, if you see or hear an owl, a bad news is on its way.

An owl in home brings death

Italian superstition, if an owl enters your home, someone in your family will die.

Getting haircut on Tuesdays

Now from India, getting a haircut on Tuesdays brings bad luck.

Goat meat can make you hairy

Rwanda, women here don’t eat goat meat as they feel it will grow facial hair.

Never walk backwards

In Portugal, walking backward is considered to bring bad luck, you are showing the devil which way you are going.

Never walk under a ladder

Ah, the familiar one.

When there are no scientific facts behind these superstitions, why should they be followed? Are these the facts that have been fact in the beginning that changed when passed from generations to generations?

So many of us know that these beliefs are irrational, but we still we follow.

Why do we do it?

Can superstitions fulfill an important psychological role? What are some of the mechanisms that explain these irrational beliefs?

Do superstitions affect our mental well-being?

Time to share your thoughts. How many of these superstitions do you believe and why?

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