A Case Study to Biohacking Technology!

Biohacking Technology” is a new craze of the younger lot. Modern scientists take pride in the recent breakthrough in the field of biological hacking. Now let’s introduce you to the term biohacking. Biohacking Technology has one, another name that is, Wetware Hacking. This is a very technical term that derives its meaning from the two words including “hacking and biology”.

Biohacking refers to a field in which the key principles of biology are used with a hacker ethics. This field fences a wide range of practices. The biohacker that executes the plan of biohacking is called “Grinders”. They are the main hackers, who design and implant the devices into the human body for various purposes.

This includes chip and magnetic implants into human flesh using gene sequencing strategies. Biohacking Technology actually integrates biological and electronic techniques for incorporating nontoxic, electric devices within human bodies. The purpose of this implantation is to record biometric data.

Basic Principle Of Biohacking

A Case Study to Biohacking Technology facto facts
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Let’s narrate the basic principle of biohacking with some everyday life examples, which will be helpful to gain a better understanding. We are very much aware of the effect of caffeine or we can say coffee. When you are feeling sleepy, you have a cup of coffee in order to inject some energy into your body. The post- coffee condition manifests a state of active mindedness. This example depicts that if anything enters into your body, then it will definitely impart certain changes.

Biohackers believe that nutrition that we take for sustaining life always alter your body after entering into the body. The same principle is the base of all Biohacking operations. This change can be in any form; it may enhance or influence a person’s performance in all sectors of life. Biohackers use different technological tools to quantify various aspects of human daily life. This means making certain measurements of one’s performance in a digital way of measuring the variants like one’s mood, blood oxygen level etc.

Biohacking- A Moral Perspective

A Case Study to Biohacking Technology facto facts
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Is biohacking technology immoral? This particular question is a point of concern these days as biohacking seriously threaten the moral aspect towards other humans. Some experts believe that biohacking practically involves getting your hands dirty in a filthy stuff and you have to continue this in order to attain some experience.

We are going through a very sensitive stage of human history. Here at one side human rights activists are struggling for the restoration of basic human rights, but on the other hand, some crazy rebel minds commonly known as “biohackers” are determined to break those shackles by hijacking the bodies of others. This may lead to a serious ethical crisis in the society because the body is one’s most private part and no license in the world can allow such operations. But today biohackers under the cover of technological advancement are executing their hijacking plans that have ignited another serious debate on its ethical perspective.

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The serious concern is that biohacking programs may create some serious health problems in the experimental group. The vulnerability of ovarian cancer is enhanced in the patients subjected to biohacking research. This creates a moral chaos that if it is right to make any person subjected to serious health danger just to discover a new thing.

This is a highly debatable point, but this fact is of supreme importance that body is one’s most private part and biohacking scientists should not be allowed to do severe experimenting on anyone’s body without taking proper permission. In this way, ethical dilemma concerned with biohacking could be controlled to some extent. All key facts were given in the article, now it depends on you to decide is biohacking immoral? Or its just a research subject share your thoughts in comments…

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