What is So Great about India’s BogiBeel Bridge? The New Indian Pride

After a long wait of almost 2 decades and spending somewhat approx. 5000cr rupees, India finally got it’s BogiBeel Bridge. Now, since its construction started in 2002, there have been a lot of news making rounds around it. Some said it’s a bridge that China should fear of, some criticized it for its escalated prize. But all know whatever the controversies are, it is a project that is aimed to provide a lot of benefits to the citizens and the country. Let us discuss what is so great about India’s BogiBeel Bridge?

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Great things about BogiBeel Bridge:

  1. Multifunctionality: The BogiBeel bridge is a Rail-Road bridge, that means it can accommodate Rail route as well as Road traffic. The Raid-Role bridges are a great way to of making a bridge and combining both transportation facilities in one route, in one budget and same construction. This concept is quite convenient but still very less used in India. It incorporates 2 rail lines and a two-lane road going over it.
  2. Reduced Travel time and Distance: The main aim of the BogiBeel bridge project was to cut down the travel distance and time, and that’s what its main advantage is. The 4.9 km long Bridge on Brahmaputra river cuts off the travel time and distance by a good 80%. The Bogibeel bridge cuts down the travel distance between Dibrugarh and Itanagar by 705km in terms of rail travel and 125km by road. That means 10 hours less of a train journey. It will certainly provide the travelers with a whole lot of convenience.
  3. Strength: The Bogibeel Bridge is India’s only fully welded composite Steel Truss bridge, it has 39 spans of 125m. Being located in an Earthquake prone region, it is made to stand still even in an Earthquake of magnitude more than 7 on Richter scale. It is meant to provide a service period of 120years.
  4. Increased Border Security: The Bridge connects two northeast states Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. Arunachal Pradesh is connected to the most controversial part of Indo-China border. It will cut off the logistic time for border supplies by few hundreds of Kms. The Bridge has a strength to bear the weight of India’s heaviest battle tanks. It’s claimed that in case of an emergency, it can be used as a landing runway for the fighter jets. With all such properties, it will help in Border Security and Operations.  

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The Bogibeel bridge may have taken more than 16 years to get ready and might have costed 5 times more than its actual budget, but the results will be worth it. The bridge is set to benefit the peoples of both the states very much. The reduced travel time will help people in traveling a lot faster and frequent, and will also help in transportation and courier services. Both in combined will have a great impact on business and life of the peoples. On the other hand, the advantages it will provide in the border security are remarkable. So, it won’t be wrong to say that BogiBeel Bridge is the new Pride of India.

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