Chinese Spirituality! Amazing Facts That You Don’t Know

China is such a vast region with a highly ethnically diverse population. The reason is that spiritual beliefs basically originate from the cultural norms and traditional values of a particular area. The following are the most significant Chinese Spirituality Concepts/beliefs practiced in most of the parts of China.

Worshiping Ancestors

This reflects a set of practices that are meant to display a sense of respect for the ancestors of the nation who have passed away from this world. Chinese believe that the ancestors are not dead, but they have just moved on to a better pious life that they actually deserve.

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Not only the deceased ones but other elderly figures of the family or even extended family need respect and they deserve proper care and affection. Chinese has been celebrating the festivals of ‘CHONGYANG’ for centuries, during which the younger generations of a family pay special tribute to their ancestors.

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Some believers believe there is a world where people who are alive, they exist and they call that world as Yang Jian. While they believe the same kind of other world exist somewhere; and in that underworld exist the spirits and souls of their ancestors. They believe they are also leading a normal life there. That underworld is named as Yin Jian. There is no existence of the concept of hell according to this belief.

Fan Tai Sui

According to Chinese spirituality concepts, the hardships or hindrances in one’s medical and professional life remains there for a certain specified period. The believers think that these hardships persist for a particular month in the Chinese calendar and after that month, things will again get better and they’ll be back to normal life.

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The reason for this lies in their staunch belief in animal astrology. They believe that during that month evil spirits are high because there were serious clashes between Horse and Rat during this month. These historic fights bring turbulence in the lives of the believers of this belief. The beliefs got strengthened by some events of short-lived chaos in the lives of various famous Chinese Leaders.

Objects related to Chinese Spirituality Beliefs

Peachwood Sword

Chinese Spirituality! Amazing Facts That You Don't Know facto facts
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Peachwood sword, refer to a divine sword that can be used to assassinate the evil spirits according to Chinese spiritual believers. This is considered as a definitive weapon effectively useful for fighting with demonic forces during Taoist exorcism.The swords made from a particular wood type existing on mountains of Jiangxi, China is considered as the best wood type for making the swords.

Stone Tablets

Chinese Spirituality! Amazing Facts That You Don't Know Facto Facts
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These are considered Holy tablets that are meant to be placed in the key locations at home, especially at the main doors and junctions of small avenues and river banks or ponds. The purpose is to grasp some positive vibes coming in order to tackle the evil spirits in a well-suited manner. It is also believed that the positive energy gathered can also help in preventing or even stopping any potential natural disaster.

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