Depression is real: It’s more than a mere emotion- it’s an illness!

Depression is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most talked-about topics, even the internet is flooded with countless “how to deal with depression” articles, of course, there is an abundance of information available. But, can you treat a condition without knowing it exists? Of course not! So, before you know how to deal with depression, it is highly important to realize the fact that depression exists, it’s real, it needs to be taken seriously before it becomes life-threatening! Depression is not just a few hours of emotion, it’s a mental illness that can turn your life inside out, if not treated and managed in time.

Do you think depression is easy?

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Still, you don’t believe it?

The recent shocking incident from Bollywood, Sushant Singh Rajpoot, an Indian actor, dancer, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and astrophysicist committed suicide, leaving behind some flawless performances and too many questions.

Depression doesn’t care about your age, health, status, profession, bank balance, or anything, it just hits you! That’s what you need to know and control!

And, a thought strikes!

Knowing how to deal with depression, without knowing depression, is no less than trying to find a way without knowing the destination!

From financial troubles to family problems, health issues to loss of loved ones, and excess workload to unemployment, life will have its own unique reasons to make you feel stressed, depressed, anxious, nervous, and everything in between. If any of such reason is causing you depression, you need to understand that “DEPRESSION ACTUALLY EXISTS”, and you need to do something about it, but what? How can someone actually deal with depression or help loved ones to deal with this mental illness? Let’s find a way!

How to deal with depression?

Here are a few things that can actually make you “FEEL GOOD” and keep depression at bay!

Don’t ignore, speak about it!

Speak about depression
Speak about depression

Remember, depression is dangerous when it is deep inside you. You need to take it out by speaking with your loved ones, speaking with your doctor, you need to activate the support network that can help you realize your real potential, keep you away from these unwanted, negative feelings! Keep in mind that there is always a way out and keeping everything inside will make bad conditions even worse.

Stay positive, don’t lose hope!

It is vital to keep negative thoughts away, of course, it can be difficult when depression is severe, but thinking positive and not losing your hope is the key to deal with any kind of negative emotion, and depression is no exception. You need to believe in the fact that good things are about to come, a few hours, or a few days of ups and downs of life should not impact on what best life has to offer.

Take a pause!

Taking a pause in a difficult situation doesn’t mean you are running away from your problems. It actually means that your mind deserves peace, and you should go and get it. Plan a holiday with your family or friends, indulge in some activities that you love the most and your depression will go away!

Have patience!

Patience is the key to deal with any difficult situation in life, again it can be tough when you are depressed, but it’s doable. You need to talk to yourself in a positive way so that you can keep your emotions in check and don’t feed your mind with negativity.

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Improve your sleep!

Improve your sleep
Improve your sleep

Sleepless nights, when you are stressed or depressed, is a preparation to stay depressed the other day. You may not feel like sleeping when you are surrounded by hundreds of negative thoughts striking in your mind and making you feel worthless, and those thoughts are what you need to leave behind the door and enjoy a good night’s sleep. When you wake up fresh, it will automatically make you feel relaxed and positive.

Think about your loved ones!

Let’s talk about a condition when noting works, everything seems impossible, and the condition is completely out of control. What do you need to do? When mental illness takes over your thoughts, you may surely think of committing suicide or self-harm as you lose your control, you lose hope, and you simply feel like ending it all.


Now ask yourself, what impact will it make on your family, and your loved ones if you decide to take one wrong step? How will your parents feel when they will find themselves helpless for not being able to help their own child? You may find these questions worthless when your mind will ask for something else, but these questions have very deep meanings and values that can help you to cope up with any kind of negative thought.

Healthy eating

Yes, the mind is crazy! It will push you to have a couple of extra cigarettes or maybe a few more drinks, but that’s not going to take you anywhere instead of deeper into your depression. You can decide to leave things behind or on hold for a certain amount of time, enjoy lifting weights in the gym, some dark chocolates, and a protein-rich diet, and there’s a lot more you can do.

Final positive thoughts!

No matter what the situation is, don’t waste your life that easy. Having a “NEVER GIVE UP” attitude will surely help to set the tone of your life and you’ll find yourself in a better position when it comes to dealing with different kinds of depressing thoughts.

Know your worth, and

Never give up!

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