Differentiating Spirituality from Religion

The two terms spirituality and religion are often used interchangeably because these are considered two terms with a same meaning. This is a great misconception because in reality those are two different terms with entirely distinct meaning.

The evidence of this lie in a fact that there are various religious people around us, who lack spiritual maturity. Certain religiously active individuals seem to fail on their path of spiritual development. Actually to some extent, every individual is spiritual, but not every individual is religious. Differentiating spirituality from religion is not that much easier because it is a very technical thing. The difference between these two key terms is quite minute, so most people get confused between these two terms.

Differentiating between spirituality and religion can be made even easier, if we’ll dwell into the real definitions of the two concepts. Then another way to understand the difference is by going beyond formal definitions exploring real life experiences regarding these two peculiar terms.


Religious scholars consider religion as our eagerness to know what exactly exist around us that is not even visible. It means we examine the natural entities existing around us, using the tools of intuition and faith, even if they oppose the reasons available.

Some others believe that religion is a set of fundamental rules or beliefs that shape up our practices. If we need further explanation then we can say religion is an act of performing rituals, prayers and other spiritual practices. This arises as a responsibility to show that you actually have faith in a certain discipline or principle. Almost all the religions practiced in the world have the concept of a life hereafter and belief in the presence of a mighty force, i.e. Allah.



Now let’s have a deeper insight into the concepts of spirituality. According to a general understanding, spirituality is a thing that has no clear cut boundaries unlike religion. Spirituality is not dependent on a defined set of rules or rituals. It’s more about serving humanity and getting eternal peace and tranquility as a reward.

Spirituality is all about identity development. It devises ways to seek personal genuineness. It helps to develop a more durable and staunch relationship with oneself and also with other humans through some acts of kindness and affection. Spirituality gives a certain direction to your life.



When the comparison study is conducted, then we clearly see the gray areas that means there are certain concepts within religion and spirituality that overlap to some extent. No doubt, there are no clear cut boundaries between these two terms, but still we can’t declare them as words with the same meaning.

Both spirituality and religion tries to give a better understanding of the real purpose and meaning of life that exist beyond the visible boundaries of this time-bounded world. The main difference that lies between religion and spirituality is that a religion consider the supreme force controlling this world and the world that exist beyond this time bounded world as GOD or ALLAH. But on the other hand, spirituality never attempt to specify that what actually exists in the life that exist beyond this natural world.

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