Entrepreneur vs employee mindset: How are they different?

So, now when you are here, you probably want to know how are they different. Yes, your managers, your bosses, or those entrepreneurs whom you see and get inspired, you want to be like them, you want to achieve what they have in their life. If you will analyze and pen down the differences that you feel in someone doing his eigh-hour-a-day desk job and going home and the one who owns the business, of course, you will have a long list of key differences between an employee and an entrepreneur.

Let’s discuss the same here.

The difference between and an entrepreneur and employees mindset

Check out these differences and see how you can acquire entrepreneurship skills.

The mindset


It all starts with mindset.

Employees work with a fixed mindset, they only care about the paycheque and set boundaries. You will see a lot of people who are working as an employee very happy with a fixed amount of pay and working day in and day out for months. It is a limited mindset and it is a harsh reality that most employees don’t think beyond that.

Entrepreneurs work with a growth mindset. They are focused and dedicated to taking their business to new heights and day in and day out, they work restlessly to grow their business.  They are keen to find new ways, meet new people, make new clients, so that they can do what they are supposed to do- business.

Risks taking abilities

Employees rarely (or never) take risks, they are always afraid of trying something new or making an investment (even a small one), and success demands risk-taking abilities. They always prefer being on the safer side and this keeps the growth opportunities to the minimum.

Entrepreneurs are risk-takers; they always look for new opportunities to make an investment or find anything that can give them or their business some growth. Hence, when entrepreneurs find such growth opportunities, they don’t hesitate to take risks and simply go for them with confidence. 



In most cases, employees hate being challenged as they are quite happy with completing their daily tasks and going back home. For some employees, even a little bit of additional work feels like a burden or workload, they don’t understand the significance of going the extra mile.

Entrepreneurs know that fact that challenges are helpful to grow. This is the reason why you will find entrepreneurs accepting challenges and giving their best. Moreover, they also know the results they want to bring for the accepted challenges and they are unstoppable until they achieve it.

During failure

For an employee, failure is a time of frustration, depression, and giving up. They waste a lot of time thinking (or overthinking) about the failure instead of learning a lesson from it.

Failures are lessons for entrepreneurs and they know how to bounce back. Entrepreneurs learn lessons from their mistakes and failures and they know it is not the end result.


Employees focus on problems and feel worried about them. In addition, you can find employees blaming others for any mistake or problem they might be facing.

The case is completely different when we talk about entrepreneurs, they focus on solving the problem and moving ahead. They don’t blame others and simply get things resolved, even if they need to do it on their own.

Working on weaknesses

Strength and weakness
Strength and weakness

Employees know their strengths and weaknesses (some of them don’t even think about it) and do nothing about them.

Entrepreneurs work on their weaknesses and turn them into their strengths, they know they can learn anything!

Smartness and company

You will find a lot of employees surrounded by other employees or the ones who are junior to them. And, an employee prefers to be the smartest person in the room.

Entrepreneurs surround themselves with entrepreneurs, especially the ones who are a lot more successful. They want to be surrounded by smarter people so that they can learn new things.

Summing it up…

You don’t need to be a business owner or a CEO of a startup to be an entrepreneur, but you need to have an entrepreneurial mindset if you want to attract success.

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