Exotic states of matter

Various hidden chapters of nature unfold in front of investigative minds through sheer investigations and experimentation. Exotic states of matter are discovered recently. The three states of matter, i.e. solid, liquid and gas are the most commonly known forms of matter.

Matter studies have made certain progressive developments in recent years. The discovery of certain exotic states of matter is an outcome of such advances. The unique forms of matter vary in their physical as well as chemical appearances, and depicted slightly different properties, therefore the utility that these new forms offer to the human world, is also unique in their nature.


Plasma is the highly dynamic form of matter. It is commonly taken as the fourth state of matter. Mostly this form of matter dominates various structures existing in our Universe. Plasma matter is responsible for various important functions of the universe like lightning, stars earth’s ionosphere etc.

Even us in our daily life use plasma for the lightening purposes. Example is the “neon florescent lights and lamps” that use plasma to generate illumination. Mostly plasma is generated, when a high power electric wave is passed through a gas, this is the way to excite the gas breaking it into ions and electrons.

Superfluids Helium

This is another form of matter that is not a very common substance. Most of the common people don’t know about it as another form of matter. It represents the liquid form of helium gas that is kept at a temperature lower than absolute zero.

Superfluids carry some really fantastic and amazing properties with no viscosity or friction among its molecules. It means it shows no resistance towards shape deformation.   These substances can leak upwards from openings as they defy the effect of gravity. Superfluids also have infinite thermal conductivity; this is a very strange phenomenon.  “Infinite thermal conductivity” means that it maintains the exact same temperature throughout the entire volume of the fluid. They have infinite thermal conductivity.

Jahn-Teller Metals

They are a very rare and newly discovered form of matter. These substances offer the utilities of both the superconductors as well as the insulators. This new exotic form of matter is formed by inserting radium into the carbon 60 molecules. By doing this carbon will take a new shape.

Actually, it depicts the main idea behind its formation, i.e. the pressure applied on a metal can change its geometrical arrangement, giving it a new electron configuration. Carbon-60 transforms into a superconductor from an insulator after facing the pressure.

Exotic states of matter

Photonic Matter

In past, it was a general assumption that photons are such particles that do not exhibit mass. Scientists discovered this new form of matter by injecting a photon into a super cool gas i.e rubidium. This reaction process becomes more intense by injecting two photons.

Photons normally do not interact with each other, but here using a blockade they are forced to interact within the radium gas. Finally, when the photon appears out of the gas, they are joined to each other in a small molecule of light that can be transformed into any shape. This can be used in computing and making 3D crystals.

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