Genetic Fortune Telling Technology! Know your future science your birth

There was a time when one used to visit a fortune teller to get a prediction of his future, to know when he’ll die, to know how well he will live. Well, it’s still the same, but it won’t be the same for longer. How can you just randomly trust someone telling you about your future just by looking at you? But what if we tell you that in the near future, you will be able to get the prediction of your future life, that will come with a guarantee? Yes, Genetic Fortune Telling is a technology that will help in predicting your future, by studying your genetics, and that all at the time of your birth.

What is Genetic Fortune Telling?

Genetic Fortune Telling is a technology that studies DNA of an individual, in terms of predicting chances of getting heart attacks, cancer, other major diseases in future, in the form of a DNA report card at the time of your birth. It can even predict the level of smartness a new-born will have when grown-up just by studying your Genome.

Genetic Fortune Telling Technology! Know your future science your birth

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How do Genetic Fortune Telling Works? The science behind it:

It’s been years of studies and research on DNA and it would have taken more without the help of latest computer technologies. The latest technologies have made it possible for scientists to study a huge number of people’s gene information. Scientists have finally found what is the most common thing in most people suffering from the health issues that are kind of similar. They figured out that most of the common diseases are the result of a group of genes acting together in a particular manner.


The scientists are working on creating a “Polygenic risks scorecard” with the help of all the information available. These “Polygenic risks score” are made to summarize the genome-wide similar type of genome data into a single variant. That means separately categorizing different types of genomes. Thus, the categories or variants enables the scientists to predict the future possible diseases and other traits based on the particular gene behavior. It’s also being called as “Genome-Wide Score”.

Merits of the Genetic Fortune Telling, the advantages: –

  1. Knowing the possibilities of getting diagnosed by a particular disease may help in treating it from the root since the birth.
  2. It may help the Pharma Companies in preparing better medicines and keeping an eye on the possible requirements.
  3. This will also tell about the level of IQ a newborn is going to have, certainly reducing the pressure from the parents to decide his/her future (sarcastically).
  4. Getting the future predictions at birth might be something of too much interest for the people wishing to create their life plans likewise.

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Controversial aspects of Genetic Fortune Telling, the demerits: –

  1. The life is all about the unpredicted path, risks, surprises, and survival. Knowing everything just takes all the taste away.
  2. Who would like to live with the knowledge, that he is going to most possibly die with the Cancer at the age of 20?
  3. Moving from the era of Religious, cast, and Colour discrimination, it will start a new era of Genetic discrimination.
  4. The privacy of a person’s most crucial and important information will be in hands of many interested.

Genetic Fortune Telling is surely a thing of future, but with the recent developments, it’s right at our doorsteps. Now, it depends upon us, that how well we handle this technology that might change our lives or ruin it, and there is no doubt about what we are going to do keeping our past records in mind.

So, what do you think about this new technology? Do you think it will revolutionize the world in the right way? Or it will add up to the urban mess that we already are? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below.

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