What is Biomimicry? And, How Helpful It is

What is Biomimicry?

What is Biomimicry?  It is a whole new science of creating well-engineered structures by following the design patterns available in the natural entities existing around us. As the word mimicry predicts, this field deals with imitating the ideas of nature for creating some useful stuff in order to help mankind. This modern field of study offers a dynamic set of innovation for the scientists, engineers, and architects to invent some environment-friendly structures by following the brilliant ideas on which the natural world is working. It is devising a simple way to bring man close to nature.

Biomimicry Promotes Sustainable Development

As we know Biomimicry imitates the designs from nature and then use that idea to construct things in order to solve the problems faced by mankind. Now, the traditional methods of development that the world has generally adopted cast some serious consequences. That kind of development is taking humans away from the mother nature. As humans are developing industries at the expense of nature, this is yielding an imbalance in our nature that is causing serious natural catastrophes around the world. The technology is still not so strong to fight against the power of nature.

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So the conclusion is that man could not fight mother nature for his survival. If humans will live in harmony with nature, then the balance will remain sustained. Biomimicry basically promotes this idea. It grasps ideas of making things from natural objects. In this way, scientists could suggest some sustainable ways to solve the ever-rising problems of mankind. Biomimicry ensures a sustainable future for the upcoming generation by proposing ways of exploiting nature, in a sustainable way.

Wonders of Biomimicry

Biomimicry has shown several wonders by creating some amazing technologies by using simple formulas secretly incorporated into our natural objects. Let’s say the idea of preparing an eco-friendly solar cell to deal with power crises, comes from a leaf. It’s not just about structures, but Biomimicry is working on several phenomena that are grasped from natural entities.

For instance, the successful strategy of ‘Feedback System’ is effectively used by the today in several organizations. It helps to enhance the performance of the workers. This idea was stolen from the higher self-organized populous colonies of Humble ants. These organisms represent a most successful method to organize and channelize activities to fulfill complex tasks in huge colonies using the Feedback System.

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Today Biomimcry technology has been used in many industries. Now it is possible to waterproof dyes and adhesive glue that is free of any sort of harmful chemicals. The main idea of creating this was grasped from blue mussels that firmly attach to underwater surfaces using its hair-like tentacles. One other great breakthrough made by Biomimicry studies is to devise an effective way to transport water to the desert area.

As the Namib desert beetle used to store water in a bump placed on its back, where it stores condensed fog to convert it into the water. The beetle lifts its back leg and the water rolls into the mouth. This interesting phenomenon of nature was imitated to bring water into the desert through special channels, without drilling deep ditches into the earth.

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