How Quantum Computing is Going to Change The World? Explained!

How Quantum Computing is Going to Change The World? Explained!

Are you a Man or Women? Must be either of one, right? Can you be both of them at the same time? Yes, of course in two separate lives, but in this one you can’t be. That is exactly what our Classical or binary computers are capable of. Imagine, if you can be Man or Women and also both of them at the same time, the level of capabilities you will have. That is the kind of power that Quantum Computing will have. Read the blog to know how Quantum Computing is Going to Change The World.

Let’s Get into the Technical Stuff:

­­Our current Binary or Classical computers use transistors to perform any kind of calculation or data transfer. One transistor can either be in an ON state or an OFF state at a time, that are represented by 1 and 0 binary numbers respectively. The combination of the binary numbers can be in the form of 1 or 0 at a time, that is called a Bit. That is basically how we say that the transfer of data in our computers is done in Bits.

On the other hand, the Quantum Computers use Qbit (Quantum Bit) for the Calculations or Data transfer. The Qbit have a power of being in the Super Position, that means the combination of the number 1 and 0 in the Qbit can be 0 or 1 at a time but can also be 0 and 1 both at the same time.

The Qbits can be in all possible state at once, the states are represented with UP, Down or Both rather than 1 or 0. The Qubits can influence each other even when not physically connected with the help of Quantum Entanglement phenomenon.

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Why we need Quantum Computing?

A computer basically works on millions or billions of transistors installed on its processor, the main work of the transistor is to act as a switch to let pass or restrict the current or what we state as 1 and 0 as per the need of an operation.

Since the inception of Computers, the transistors are getting smaller and smaller with the time or in every two years as per a study, the smaller the transistors the better the efficiency and power saving. With the size getting smaller we can install more and more transistors on a same sized processor, hence increasing the power of computers and their ability of calculation. From the Intel’s 4004 to Pentium to the latest Intel i7 are the very evident example of the technological advancement.

Currently, the size of transistors that is being used in the latest computer processors or in our cell phones is 14nm (Nanometer). Soon enough with the rapidly improving technology and transistors getting further smaller, we are going to end up with a transistor equal to the size of one single atom.

The problem with the transistor of that small size is that it will fail to restrict the electrons, the electrons will pass through the transistors by using the Quantum tunneling phenomenon, hence the core phenomena on which computers work will fail.

Now, with Quantum computing, we are aiming towards using the Quantum tunneling phenomenon in our favor.

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How Quantum Computing is Going to Change The World?

The main superpower of Quantum Computers is the data they can contain. In classical Computers a Bit contains one single number of information and two bits contain 2 number of information. While, due to the Superposition and Quantum Entanglement phenomenon, the one Qbit can store 2 numbers of information, and 2 Qbits can store 4 numbers of information, and it keeps doubling as we keep adding more and more Qbits. So, 10 Qbit can store 1024 numbers, 11 Qbit will double the number to 2048, and if we have 100 Qbit the numbers it contains will reach up to 1,267,650,600,228,299,401,496,703,205,376. Ahh! I can not even read that number, that is the level of power it provides us.

The other main thing they can do in calculations is the Real-time results. In a binary computer, if you provide them with a query, they will calculate all the possibilities one by one before giving you the possible results. While, due to the Super Position phenomenon, when you provide Quantum Computers with a query, they calculate all the possible outcomes at once at the same time you are putting in the query and provide you with all the possible million outcomes in the real time.

In a Nutshell, Quantum Computer provides us with the power of expanding the possibilities of our reach, in our daily world also and in the universe also. The space researches, the military operations, the scientific researches, and everything is going to be on the supreme level of ease with the help of Quantum Computers.

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How close we are from achieving Quantum Computing Technology?

We have traveled a good distance in the field of Quantum Computing, good enough that the possibility of it happening seems quite evident. The Quantum Computers do exist in today’s real world, not as an operating machine but as a prototype to experiment with.

There are companies like Google, Apple, IBM working to build there own and governments of the US and China investing in their own various projects. IBM has developed a Quantum Computer of 100 Qbit that is available for Experiments. But the walk is still too long to get to the actual Supremacy.

So, what do you think? How much the Quantum Computers are going to change our world? Will they replace our Classical Computer? Are they worth spending on? Will they emerge as a threat for Human Race? All these questions are around and will keep making us curious for the coming time. Till then let us know your thoughts and wait for more blogs related to Quantum Computing and more stuff on Science and Technology coming your way.


Author: – Saharsh W. S. Rathore

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