Science And Spirituality! How They Defend Each Other…

Spirituality” appears to be the most primitive source of happiness for the noble souls. But as today, things are revolutionizing due to technological advent. Now everyone is trying to find a scientific clue to their ever-rising questions about several concepts of spirituality. Spiritual activists are eager to find out how science defends spirituality. Science and spirituality appear as are two distinct ways of interpreting life. Here in this article, we’ll try to figure out how science defends spirituality.

Actually, spirituality and science need each other to give a whole meaning of life. Anyone cannot explain it completely by using a single aspect of life. The two concepts if used in a proper integrated manner only can be used to interpret the aspects of life in a proper manner. By integration of spirituality and science, we mean a full-fledged integration of human beings and science. This integration is needed both on individual and community scale.

Science And Spirituality! How They Defend Each Other - facto facts


As the world has a major tilt towards science and technology, so, unfortunately, spiritual dimension of life is greatly ignored. This aspect failed to gain much attention.It was the general assumption of certain experts that the subject matter of any research work conducted, reflects the nature of a researcher. If we follow this theory, then we can assume that spiritual aspect left unexplored because majority people have their inner souls spiritually immature or vacant. And now only a person with a mature stage of spirituality can lead a research work because he needs to be well informed of the spiritual phenomena in order to explain it. Now that’s again a limiting factor.

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Now it will remain a fact that even though we use to give too much importance to scientific evidence, but we should realize that there is no mystery found on earth that can be fully resolved using scientific evidence Actually, science is not that much developed to explain each key factor playing any role in the happening of any miracle or mystery. At this stage, we need to explore spiritual theories in order to find the answers to some unknown mysteries.

The fact that makes us unable to solve a natural mystery through scientific tools is that actually we are part of nature, or we can say we are part of this mystery so how can we solve it. That’s technically not possible. Now here the importance of spirituality expresses its great significance.

As generations have been witnessing that from ages, spiritual masters are devising some methods different from the ones science has proposed in order to get a solution to these mysteries. They do so by fully dwelling on that mystery. Spiritual experts use silence and solitude as their tools to investigate nature.


Science and spirituality are two different entities, but they go hand in hand in order to make living easy for humans. Spirituality or science cannot be used individually if we want to deal with the unknown gigantic mysteries. Definitely, we’ll be needing both of them to be successful. Thus, it’s clear now that science cannot depict the whole picture alone. Actually, science and spirituality belong to each other.

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