How science explains a phobia?


The science of phobia is a whole new field that needs to be studied in detail. A phobia is an everyday business for all of us. This is a very common problem faced by many of us. “Phobia” refers to a state of mind in which a person gets frightened or annoyed due to the presence of some entity. That entity can be a supernatural thing or just a feeling or an illusion. Hence we can say it can be anything that makes you feel annoyed.

Although this is a common feeling, but the key item that causes phobic feeling vary from person to person. For  some people  a deadly snake can cause a frightening effect and for some people, places at high altitude cause that disgusting feeling. Here in this article we will try to figure out how science explains a phobia. We’ll search for any scientific evidences regarding this phobic feeling that we commonly experience during the course of life.

Nature and cause of Phobia

There is a clear conflict among the scientist, when it comes to the nature and root cause of arousal of phobic feelings. The scientists believe that when you have the phobia of something than you actually visualize that thing every time when you’ll see anything that seems dangerous to you.

According to the Center for the Neuroscience of Fear and Anxiety New York, fear is an immediate response towards a stimulus or change. This feeling is associated with some other key behavioral indicators, i.e. the high rate pumping of heart, sweating of hands, etc. These are the indicators shown by your brain to warn you of any potential threat or danger.

Actually, our brains have a very similar design and the whole mechanism of response is designed by the brain. So the response towards the  danger situation shown by all of us can be very similar.  This fact explains that the cause that originates fear can vary, but the nature of the response is not very much different. Actually, humans are programmed to get afraid, when they’ll find anything that is weird around us. This is how our nature is designed.


Fears are part of human nature. Scientists found through sheer hard work that rats and human response to a dangerous situation in a very likely manner, although the reason of that danger may vary completely. The nature of a fear is  more dependent on one’s personal experiences.

Experiences vary so that the key factors causing phobia to vary for all. Some people feel frightened by watching a horror movie and some may enjoy the movie, but are phobic to water pools or house flies. The behavior of people around us during a tense horrifying situation contributes a lot in our responses. If the ones surrounding us are brave then we’ll try to control our fear to fight with the current scenario. Actually, our family member, colleagues, friends with whom we grow up spending a whole childhood with them, are the people who influence us the most. Now we can’t deny the fact that fears have a contagious nature. It transmits easily from one into another. However, phobias can be treated well by using various medical techniques. So now after having such a deep insight into the matter, we can say this is how science explains a phobia.

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