How to make a relationship last forever?

Here comes your best read ever on a relationship. Why? Reason being, here you will come to know some of the key things that will make your relationship last forever, and forever here means FOREVER! Who else doesn’t want to be in an established, happy, healthy, flourishing, and lasting relationship? But, in today’s time and age where breakup is one of the most common phenomenons, reading this piece of write-up can save your relation! How about getting started with a quote? Makes sense right?

How to make a relationship last forever?

Anyone can say I love you, a few can PROVE!

So, here are some ways you can prove it. Check them out and discuss the same with your better half.

Trust comes first!!

You can call it the base of any relationship. If you don’t believe in each other, there’s no way the relationship will last or it will give you all the happiness of the world that you imagine in the back of your head. Moreover, building trust is never easy, especially when the relationship is in its initial stage. Your heart and mind are sure to play ping-pong, and it’s natural. But, you have to communicate, give each other time, slowly and steadily, trust will build.

Make sure to not to be in a hurry, trust has its own way of getting built, so be patient.

Willingness is second!

You got to be willing for more than just a few things that you can’t even imagine. Remember, true love is not found, it’s built. And, with these key points of keeping a relationship alive, you have already taken your first step to build your relationship.

First, you must be willing to stay in the relationship. After that, come a few points such as willingness to accept, willingness to forgive, willingness to commit, willingness to be there for each other when needed, and every time. Are you willing to be willing?


Attraction is such a good thing, but make sure you get attracted towards the same person, time and time again. Being loyal difficult, but not impossible. If you are truly in love with someone, no beauty or personality can attract you.

What you do behind the back matters more than what you do in front of your loved one- that’s loyalty.

In case you fall for someone else, get attracted towards a new person; remember the fact that, loyalty or cheating is a choice, not a mistake.


Mistakes are part of life, so as relationship. Remember the fact that, mistakes here doesn’t mean cheating. Yes, it hurts, when someone lies, someone you love does UNEXPECTED, when someone breaks your heart, and that’s such a big challenge for a relationship.

At this point, you need to realize the fact that mistakes are not bigger than a relationship. At times, you need to go above and beyond your level of patience, your self-respect, just to keep that one person in your life. Forgiveness is the key that keeps your relationship alive, alive and awesome!

Be positive, be possessive!

How positive are you for the love of your life? There are endless couples out there who make promise to be together for the rest of the life, but, how many actually stick to this lifetime promise? This is where stating positive for the love of your life becomes an utmost necessity.

If you don’t feel like killing your partner when you see him/her exchanging numbers with someone else, you’re not possessive. Possessiveness is such an awesome feeling that comes from within, it kills you inside and you have all the rights to get angry and fight, fight for what’s yours.

What’s yours is yours, NO COMPROMISE!

Putting your partner’s happiness first

Here, you can do the needed compromise, not in the above-mentioned point. Whenever you find two of you of two different pages, jump on the page where your partner stands, it feels great. Of course, that jump takes courage, and willingness, but, if you surely put your partner’s happiness ahead of you, that’s an easy jump.

Final Words:

So, these are just a few of many key ways with the help of which couples can make their relationship last forever.

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