If not in 2021, when will the world end?

The predictions for the end of the world are made from centuries, it is a fact that none of them have ever come true. Doomsdayers- the predictors of disaster or impending misfortune, come with new predictions almost every year. From nuclear war to the new ice age and asteroid impact, the world was supped to end at many points as per the predictions.

There are plenty of fresh end-of-world prophecies there’s no shortage, and it is another fact that humankind is exists and thriving.

Check out some of the most popular end-of-the-world predictions!

Take a look!

The hidden Torah code

Seems to be one of the closest attempts- the hidden-doomsday-warning-in-holy-scripture shtik seems to have produced some close results. A series of hidden codes in the Jewish Torah’s first five books by some scholars said- the world will end in 2021.

Who knows?

How close is this particular prediction?

  • The second coming

A prediction by an American pastor Kenton Beshore, the one who claims he has some evidence that the rapture will happen in 2021.

And, his credibility and predictions are overshadowed by the fact that his previous prediction of the end of the world failed, it was supposed to happen in the year 1988, nothing really happened.

  • The zombie apocalypse

Here is something that developed a lot of following in the apocalypse world, something that sounds like a zombie-based horror moves, An army of undead monsters will attack citizens and will ent human brains, Nostradamus, the most famed seer among all predicted this. Still, this has been one of the most popular predictions of all time.

  • Doomsday predictions that made a buzz

Are you worried about these predictions? Well, there are many predictions that are noticeable, failed to materialize. There are hundreds of them when we look back in history, some of them have led to tragic events for those involved in making these predictions.

Keeping the failure of predictions in mind, it is the finest reminder that there is no need to panic. After all, predicting the end of the world is never easy, it’s tricky!

The Mayan Calendar

When one of the greatest cycles in The Mayan Calendar came to an end, the world was predicted to end on December 21, 2012, as per this particular prediction.

This one also made some fan following, the internet was bombarded by predictions about an apocalypse happening on this particular date.

Even NASA was compelled to publish some information through a page about why the world isn’t going to end on December 21, 2012.

Camping and the Rapture

This time, the world was supposed to end on  October 21, 2011, according to the calculations and predictions by an American radio host Harold Camping, everything calculated on the basis of Jewish feast days and the lunar calendar, doubtlessly, this one failed too.

As per his predictions, on May 21, 2011, at sharp 6 PM, God’s elected people are going to be assumed into heaven, in a moment, he called the Rapture. Those who were not raptured, according to him, those people will have to stay on Earth and wait for their doom after five months.

This one also gained popularity, some media reports say that people started to sell their homes, quit their jobs, and invested a lot of money only to publicize this prediction.

The event will take place along with the end of the world, said Camping after re-evaluating his own prediction.

When nothing really happened on this date, words by Camping changed to “nobody could know exactly when the time of the apocalypse would come.”

The Black Hole from Geneva

Black hole
Black hole

Near Geneva, Switzerland, scientists use the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), this is for the set up of controlled collisions of particles at unbelievably high speeds.

These experiments made people believe that energies set free by the collisions will create a black hole, and this was supposed to be powerful enough to consume the earth as well as every single life on it.

Nothing such as a black hole has been seen yet.

Y2K and the Millennium Bug

Computer systems and software solutions got involved at this end of the world prediction.

According to the practices followed by some of the recognized computer programmers- abbreviating year numbers with two digits while developing software. Check out this example-

The year “1999” is coded as “99.” And, computers would revert to “00,” considering that the date was 1900 not actually 2000, and software errors start to take place.

As per some of the popular beliefs, this so-called “Millennium Bug” adversely affected banking systems, the safety of weapon systems as well as flights, and whatnot.

Nothing really happened again and the world celebrated the new year.

Nostradamus and the King of Terror

A“king of terror” was supposed to come from the sky in the year 1999, prophesied by a renowned seer Nostradamus 250 years back.

Austrian geologist, as well as Nostradamus buff Alexander Tollmann, made a decision to play it safe by sitting it out in a self-built bunker in Austria.

Tollmann was somewhere very convinced that the apocalypse was going to arrive early in the month of August, a fear that was consolidated by the total solar eclipse on the 11th of August,1999.

The Great Flood and the Flying Saucer

Also known as Marion Keech, Chicago housewife Dorothy Martin claimed that she got a message from planet Clarion in the early 1950s, and the message said that the world is going to come to an end in a great flood before dawn on December 21, 1954.

To some people, the impact of this prediction was so strong, some of them quitted living their usual life, some literally gave away their money and possessions, some left their jobs, the fact is nothing happened at that moment too.

The bottom line

You must have heard about the end of the earth predictions many times and none of them proven true yet, there’s nothing to be serious about these predictions.

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