Interesting facts about tattoo art you must know

For some, it’s about looking cool, for others it about memorializing the life of a loved one. For some, it’s an addiction, for others it’s something personal and meaningful; inking the body has its own unique charm and significance. When you’ll ask 100 people about their reasons for getting tattooed, you will probably have 100 reasons or maybe more; the craze of inking body is beyond imaginations. Reasons may differ, but the facts about tattoo art you must know will remain the same, so let’s check a few of them.

Amazing Facts about Tattoo Art

Check out some stunning facts, let’s get started.

More women than men in the US have tattoo

women with tatoo

In the US, people love getting inked, especially women. There are numerous surveys that reveal the fact that 59% of women in the US have tattoos as compared to 41% of men. In addition to this, 40% of women didn’t hesitate to make their tattoo experience a shared one. They often get inked their friends and loved ones.

There was a time when urine was used to mix tattoo colors

In some of the cultures, urine was used to mix the tattoo colors. This might sound awkward, but this is the truth. Tattoo inks these days come with pigments combined with a carrier; these tattoo colors can be mixed and thinned to create some different shades and colors. Most of the professional tattoo artists prefer buying pre-made inks while others do the mixing on their own with dry pigment and a carrier.

Your skin gets pierced from 50 to 3000 time in just one minute when you get a tattoo

Have you ever given a thought on how many times your skin gets pierced when you get a tattoo? Yes, it ranges from 50 to 3000 times in a minute depending on the tattoo machine.

People in the US spend a huge amount on tattooing their bodies, it’s estimated around $1.65 billion every year.


Yeah, check out the craze of getting inked in the US, there is hardly any destination where you will find such a huge number of tattoo fans.

Women are more likely to get their tattoos removed

Just like the previous fact where we saw women be more likely to get tattooed, they are also more likely to get their tattoos removed as compared to men. Now, the reason again may differ as they may not be willing to keep the tattoo anymore, or maybe they could find a better alternative and look for a tattoo replacement.

Angels and Hearts are two of the most popular tattoo designs

Unsure of the reasons, there are countless tattoo designs available out there. Possibly, anything you can think of can be converted into a tattoo on your body but, Angels and Hearts are two of the most popular designs, loved by almost every tattoo lover.

Interesting one, “tattoo” is one of the most misspelled words in the English language

Oh, hell. There are endless words that get misspelled in English language but, it’s truly surprising to know that this simple looking spelling is among one of the most misspelled words in English.

Most tattooed men

most tattoo man

With leopard skin pattern, the second most tattooed man has 99.9% of his skin covered with the tattoo, on the other hand, the most tattooed man is 100% tattooed holding Guinness World Record as of 2006 with tattoo inside the eyelids, mouth, and ear.

Final words

The world of tattoo has its own unique charm, hope you liked these facts. Let us know your tattoo story or the reason behind it. Let’s see who has the best tattoo.

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