Jack the Ripper Mystery! Mystery that Shook London

A mystery of a murder that is still unsolved after almost 2 centuries. A murder mystery that terrorized London and shook the capital in the year 1888. The killing of 5 women with their bodies mutilated in an unusual manner, showing the murderer’s good knowledge of human anatomy. A murderer who was never been caught and neither been identified. This is the story about Jack the Ripper Mystery. Jack the Ripper, England’s, most probably the world’s, most mysterious criminals.

Jack the Ripper Mystery! Mystery that Shook London

The 5 murders, and the beginning of Jack the Ripper Mystery: –

It was the 2nd half of the year 1888, the Whitechapel area of London was burning in the flames of 5 horrifying murders. “Jack the Ripper” was the name they gave to the killer. Except for one woman named Elizabeth Stride, all other 4 murdered women were prostitutes.

Jack the Ripper Mystery! Mystery that Shook London
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It all started with the murder of Mary Ann Nicholls on 31st August 1888, followed by Annie Chapman’s murder on 8th September. Later in the same month on 30th September, Elizabeth Stride and Catherine Eddoweson were murdered. The last murder of this series took place on 9th November, that was of Mary Jane Kelly. All the 5 murders are also referred to as the “Canonical Five”.

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Who was Jack the Ripper? The Claim and Speculations: –

There have been unending speculations about the identity of the Killer. The way of the murder, the mutilation with the bodies, and the weapons used, indicates towards the knowledge of Human anatomy that the murderer might be having. This hinted towards the possibility of the murderer being a doctor or butcher. There have been many theories around suggesting the murderers, including one that links the murderer with Prince Albert Victor, grandson of Queen Victoria. Although, that theory lacked the evidence.

The Violence, prostitution, and murders were not something very uncommon in the Whitechapel during those days. However, the series of the 5 murders in 1888 by Jack the Ripper stood out among all. With an added context of violent hatred to the sadistic butchery, it represented a sociopathic mind. Jack the Ripper mutilated and disemboweled those 5 women on top of just murdering them. The mutilation included removing of organs such as kidneys and uteruses.

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There have been claims at that time that Jack the Ripper used to send laters to the police department after doing murders. The most possible guess for the intent behind those letters was taunting. That certainly added one more layer to already a deep mystery. It is also said that there has been no such living person or murders. Many claims suggest that it was made up news by a newspaper to hype their selles. If yes! Then it did serve them their purpose.

Murders stopped, but Jack the Ripper mystery continued: –

The murders suddenly stopped, but not the hype surrounding it. London citizens kept demanding for the answers, the answers that never came. The case that is still ongoing served many stories for the writers, the filmmakers, the artists, and many news channels to feed on. The lack of evidence in the case and the doubt on the authenticity of the claims have resulted in the case to be unanswered for centuries, and seems like will be the same way. Jack the Ripper mystery is supposed to eat the spotlight for many more decades to come.

In the most recent times, the headlines covered denying the access to the uncensored documents to one of the main detectives of the case by the police. In 2011,  Metropolitan police denied the access to the British detective Trevor Marriott, he has been investing in the case of Jack the Ripper murders from long.

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