Latest Medical mysteries

Although the world is going on at some set of rules. The whole world, its inhabitants and the entities existing in the world are following a set pattern and this balance is very important to sustain life on earth. No doubt the organized routine is important, but latest medical mysteries anomalies and deviations exist everywhere; they exist in every facet of life.

Medical is also an important chapter of our lives and just like other chapters of life, the medical world is always encountered with certain abnormalities. Such abnormal cases carry a strange mystery with them and they cannot be explained or justified using traditional medical realities and principles. This happened because the abnormalities occur due to sheer deviations from the normal biological functioning of our body organs. Let’s discuss some most interesting medical mysteries.

  • Chimeric people

We have mostly seen some chimeric people in various science fiction movies. Such people are biological mysteries because even after giving birth, the mothers genetically prove not to be the real mothers of their infants.

The basic scientific reason found responsible for this is that the mothers of such infants were chimeric, which means they are a result of a mixture of genetic material of two different individuals; therefore the mystery prevails in the future generation about their real biological parent. Chimera patients increase in number due to the sudden advent of genetic treatments for fertility enhancement among women.

  • Foreign accent syndrome

This one is the most interesting medical abnormality case from the list of latest medical mysteries that prevails in reality.

It comes with some strange consequences in which a patient surprisingly starts talking with a non native language accent any day. There are clear cut symptoms of the disease. In fact the patient might be totally unaware of that particular language, but he’ll develop that accent due to a mysterious reason any time in his life.

The case was first observed in Norway. The patient women began to talk in a typical German accent after a severe accident. Later medical researches revealed that it’s probably a brain related ailment, which occurs with the damage of such part of the brain that deals with speech due to any sudden shock condition. The exact reason is still a secret for all.

  • Awake after a 19 year comma

This anomalous behavior was observed in Poland for the first time. A rail worker in Poland remained in a nearly dead position for at least 19 years. Surprisingly, the patient also regained his consciousness after getting recovery. The doctors expected the patient will hardly survive for two or three years, but they were surprised by this mysterious medical event.

  • Vomiting cured by showers

A case of a strange medical ailment was observed in a patient, who suffered from sheer vomiting and the patient get a relief from this through long showers. This was so strange that taking a hot water shower acted as a cure for the patient, while all medical treatments failed at the same instant. The patient was discovered to be an intense marijuana user that created this mysterious problem of abrusive vomiting in her.

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