A Secret Life Before Birth!

Mysterious Life Before Birth

This is quite a mystery that prevails in all sane minds that if life exists within us before our real birth. We try to seek the answer to this random question that always clicks in our minds. Let’s try to dig the answer out by jotting down some key facts about this phenomenon. The thought of being alive before birth generates a scary feeling among us. We often shook away such thoughts as they appear in our minds quite often. But the fact is that we can’t rule out the whole idea because science is now providing solid evidence that life exists even before the birth.

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There are certain ideas that strike our minds some time in the form of dreams, which reflect some old memory originating from any event experienced during our life before birth. A strange kind of connection that we feel for some special voices or music or any rhyme that we often relate to some unknown past, manifests the concept of life before birth. People deny this; the reason is that they are actually unable to remember their past. However, various scientists eagerly buy this argument that our liking towards any musical symphony and our inclination towards our loved ones strengthen this very idea.

Life Before Birth- A Spiritual Perspective

Here a key question arises in our minds that if we were leading a life before coming to this earth, then why we do not have any solid memories of that part of our life. The possible reason is that may be forgetting is a significant part of this cycle. Even at the early stages of life when we haven’t tapped our hidden abilities yet, we often feel that there is a key purpose of our creation. This sense of responsibility finds its origin in our past life i.e life before birth. We often seek the guidance of some high spirited people in order to get the answer to such questions. The spiritual scientist believes that humans plan their life during the period before birth and then after coming to the earth they execute those plans. Such experiences need to happen as this phenomenon cannot be controlled.

We Plan our Lives Before Birth

We are not consciously aware of the consequences so we simply follow those plans. Here another valid point arises that if the life exists before our birth, then the events of that life can influence this life or not? Well, although somehow past life experiences influence our today’s decision, we probably call this as our instinct.

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Spiritually strong souls believe that there is a feeble curtain like a protective wall in our minds that keep the past life memories away from the thoughts and ideas of this world. This wall is for our own good because the past life events are so intense that our current emotional state can’t handle that information properly. The destruction of that separating wall can be really destructive to us; it can lead to an emotional trauma because the wall is hiding the information that is meant to be a secret actually. We do not need that information so it’s better not to indulge in such daring ventures in order to know about the experiences of life before birth.

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