Mysterious Ice Woman Found!

Ice woman mystery is such a topic that manages to grab the attention of almost every person who is a fan of mystery events occurring in the world. Ice women mystery refers to a thrilling story of a young girl. This mysterious event happened various years ago in 1980. The main character of the real-life story was a young girl who was just 19 years old.

Mysterious Ice Woman Found-FACTO-FACTS.COM

Background Story

The mystery of Ice woman was revealed to the world, when on one of the deadly cold night in Minnesota, on December 20, a man found a totally frozen girl was laying in front of the backside door of his house. The girl was actually his neighbor named as “Jean’. She was found in a pathetic condition, as she was totally frozen. At that time she was not showing any signs of life left in her body.

Later, through investigations, the whole background of the mystery event unfolded in front of investigation teams. It was found that Jean was out on some mission; one night before the event took place, she met a road accident on that night, as a result, her car lost the path and got stuck. She managed to get out of the accident site crawling to reach her neighbor’s house, but extreme cold abandoned her. She hardly managed to reach the back door of his neighbor. Actually, the residents of that place revealed that at that night, the temperature was minus 25 outside.

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When she was found lying on the floor totally frozen, she was taken to the nearby local hospital for some treatment. Her condition was so pathetic that even the nursing staff of that hospital got scared and they were expecting that she is dead because no one can survive the harsh conditions in which she was lying outside. The nurses shared some facts about her condition that she was literally so cold that because of her presence the whole room got chilled. Her hands and legs were like frozen sticks showing no sign of movement and her face totally pale.

Mysterious Ice Woman Found- FACTO-FACTS.COM

When she was examined in detail, she was having some really slow heartbeat, the speed was so slow that she seemed to be dead, but then another rhythm of the heartbeat restores the hope that she could be still alive.

The doctors believed that she can only survive as an outcome of some kind of miracle. After being in the hospital for more than 40 days under the critical supervision of doctors, Jean became a miracle case. She recovered fully with only some minor bruises and scar left on some body parts. This was so shocking for the doctors also because she was the only patient of frostbite who actually survived in such a harsh weather without losing any of her legs, arm or even a finger.


Surprisingly there were several other cases, who subjected to such conditions on the same night, but they failed to cope with the harsh weather so they expired. But Jean’s survival and then full recovery remain a mystery for the medical experts. However, some experts float a theory that probably there is some mutation in Jean’s body that made her strong enough to fight with such harsh weather, but until now this case is considered, as a biggest medical mystery.

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