Mysterious Oumuamua Asteroid! A Messenger from another Solar System

Ever heard the fascinating stories about Alien ship visiting our Planet? Or rumors of some strange flying object getting spotted, mysterious, isn’t it? What if this actually happens someday? Or what if it is happening right now. Some alien ship from another universe is passing by the earth, observing us. We have been making movies about Interstellar travels, what if it actually happens, but not by us, by some other species. All these questions came into existence as our Astronomers spotted a mysterious Oumuamua asteroid floating in our Solar System. Or, as many claims it to be a mysterious Alien ship.

It was 19th October 2017, when the astronomers that were operating the Pan-STARRS1 telescope in Maui spotted a mysterious cigar-shaped rock sneaking into our solar system.

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What is Oumuamua? Is Oumuamua an Asteroid or Comet?

The initial and obvious thoughts were that it may be an asteroid. But, as the research went further deep, astronomers found that the Oumuamua was traveling at a speed of 196,000 miles/hr(87.3km/sec). That is so unlike the speed of an asteroid or objects in our solar system. Generally, the Comets and asteroids in our solar system travel at a speed of 19km/sec.

Secondly, unlike the usual elliptical trajectory that objects in our solar system have, Oumuamua’s trajectory is hyperbolic. It has an unusual shape, a cigar shape, we don’t know any asteroid with the similar shape.

It neither breakout like usual comets while passing from near the sun due to heat. Also, it didn’t have a long tail made of the smoke like a comet.

Thus, the thought of the object is an asteroid, or at least being an object originated from our Solar system took a backseat.

No one knows from where the object came. It’s impossible to figure out, as the rock may be traveling in the space from thousands of years, and the position of the stars must have changed. Thus, it was named “Oumuamua”, in Hawaiian, it means “Messenger sent from the distant past to reach out to us”, but who knows from where. It is the first Interstellar object to visit our Solar system, or at least the first to be noticed by Humans.

So Mysterious Oumuamua asteroid, an interstellar object, is not an asteroid, then what is it?

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Mysterious Oumuamua Asteroid! A Messenger from another Solar System-facto-facts
Mysterious Oumuamua Asteroid! A Messenger from another Solar System (Graphical representation) -facto-facts

Is it really a messenger for us? Is Oumuamua an Alien Ship?

A mysterious object floating in our skies, like never seen before, unaffected by Sun’s gravitational pull, it rotates while moving ahead.

Everything about it points out towards the possibilities of Oumuamua being an Alien Ship, or a messenger for us sent by an advanced species from a far away galaxy. But we have no such hard evidence to prove any such thing. The speed of the mysterious Oumuamua asteroid may be comparatively very fast for our solar system, but it is certainly slow for an Interstellar travel or for some travel between solar systems. With Oumuamua’s speed, it will take millions of years to travel between galaxies.

At the very end of a paper published in Astrophysical Journal Letters, Shmuel Bialy and Abraham Loeb, professors from Harvard throws out a hypothetical explanation by stating: “Alternatively, a more exotic scenario is that ‘Oumuamua may be a fully operational probe sent intentionally to Earth vicinity by an alien civilization.”

Thus, the explanation seems quite immature to be considered as a claim and lacks evidence. But all such aspects certainly point towards a lot of questions.

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Where is Oumuamua now? Why this discussion about Mysterious Oumuamua Asteroid got heated up again?

This year after getting too close to the sun, Oumuamua followed a slingshot pattern from around the sun as expected due to its unusual trajectory. Oumuamua speed was enough for it to escape the sun’s gravity and not get affected by its gravitational pull. But its behavior was not something we expected, it unexpectedly sped up. Seemed like propelled by some unknown force.

Marco Micheli of the European Space Agency said in a statement: “There was something affecting its motion other than the gravitational forces of the Sun and planets,”. The Oumuamua was spotted 25,000 miles ahead of its expected trajectory in starting of this year. It was a strange behavior and we found no reason or explanation for it.

It’s been a year since the Oumuamua passed from the nearest to the earth, and it’s been half a year since it crossed the Jupiter. As of now it is heading towards Saturn and will cross Saturn too in 2019. It is headed out of our Solar System and heading in the direction of the constellation Pegasus.

As we bid a goodbye to the Mysterious object Oumuamua, it leaves us with many questions and mysteries. What is Oumuamua? Is Oumuamua an Alien Ship? Will Oumuamua return to the earth? Where does Oumuamua come from? What is Oumuamua made of? Oumuamua brought various mysteries with it and left us with various questions. Let us know what do you think about this mysterious object.

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