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What is The Science Behind DEJA VU and Why It Happens? A particular moment of an incident that happens with you during a particular time and the moment it happens, you get a feeling that this has happened with you before, but you don’t remember exactly when or where. This, my friend, is Deja Vu. It is a sort of experience that all of us have had at some point of time in our lives. Those few seconds where we feel that the experience is so real and close to us and it reminds us of something that we might have already seen.

Who Gets Deja Vu?

People, at times, have no idea where they are getting a flash of something that might have already happened to them before. It is estimated that about two-thirds of the total population has experienced this feeling at some point in time in their lives. Older people are less likely to get it and people who are an age group of 15-25 years are more prone to it.

Dream Connection?

There are lot many things that are stored in our subconscious and we see them during our sleep which is known as dreams. When you get a flash of Deja Vu, your mind shows you something stored deeper into your subconscious. Deja Vu has a connection to the dreams but not fully. In many unsolved mystery stories, dreams and Deja Vu has a mention as well.

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People have a belief that whatever flash of something they get that reminds them of something already happened to them before might be connected to reincarnation. So, whatever you saw might have been a glimpse of a previous life. There is no denying the fact that we have had lives before the one we are living right now and each one of us has some of the other memory of the previous life stored deep into the layers of our subconscious.

Other Dimension

Our existence in this world is a very powerful phenomenon and we exist parallel to other dimensions that are beyond our awareness. Sometimes, our subconscious may slip into the parallel dimension or the Continuum and this gives you a sense of feeling of living something already before.

What to Believe?

There are many theories surrounding Deja Vu and the more you are going to read them, the more you will find yourself in the midst of information that you cannot possibly fathom. Deja Vu is like having a glimpse of your subconscious when you are fully aware doing your day to day activities. It is a very common phenomenon that could happen to anyone. Every speculation that surrounds the theory is interesting and it is one of the many unsolved mystery stories that one can only speculate about.

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