Mystery of Kalachi village

Kalachi is a distant village in Kazakhstan. Many of us were not even familiar with this place. But the sleeping sickness is that mysterious event that gave mystery of Kalachi village a worldwide fame. Various chapters related to the mystery of Kalachi village need to be examined thoroughly in order to resolve this up to a satisfactory level. When the periodic events occurred in the Kalachi village in Kazakhstan, the international media jumped into the matter and this way general public residing all around the world became curious to know the reason behind this mysterious sleeping illness.

The theory which gained enough popularity was that the uranium mines in the village are the main culprit. These reasons were ruled out because doctors discovered that major patients suffering from that illness are not subjected to this kind of reasons. One of the Russian intellect found an assumption after sheer research that the disease is actually epidemic and its spreading from one person to another.

Symptoms of the disease

The symptoms shown by the suffering patients are quite weird. The patients keep on sleeping few days without any break. They won‘t feel any need to eat or drink during the day; they just keep on sleeping and that’s it.There is some gradual memory loss among the patients. They hardly remember anything substantial after getting up from the sleep. However, some patients report that they experienced terrifying hallucinations during their sleep. Hundreds of people got into the bait of this disease in that area, but doctors are still struggling to find the reason behind the terrific sleep that instigates nightmares.

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The side effects of this prolonged sleep appear to be a bit similar to all patients. For instance, majority patients suffering from boy weakness and body imbalance. Severe headaches were also common among the patients. Some other side effects involve emotional disturbances.

The most authentic scientific logic lies in the fact that there is an old Soviet uranium mine in the adjoining area of the Kalachi village. Some experts believe that excessive radon gas emitted from the mine is causing the problem. We all know radon is efficiently used as an anesthetic substance. So the space around the mine, i.e the village is flooded with the radon gas that is inhaled by the inhabitants without any proper measurement. Therefore, this uncontrolled intake of the deadly gas is causing sleeping sickness.

Some also believed that the disease erupted due to carbon monoxide poisoning that caused hysteria. Doctors believe that some of the symptoms of the disease are in common with the symptoms of chronic fatigue disease, but there is no proper consensus among the medical think tank therefore the disease will be categorized as a different ailment. Chronic fatigue disease is also caused due to radiations.  The locals got terrified by this sleeping sickness. They fear that illness could make them sleep for their whole life so they are evacuating the place. The local administration understanding the concerns of the  community is providing temporary residence to the people in places away from the village. That’s the only possible solution to protect the people.

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