Mystery of The Island of the Dolls! Most Haunting Island

The tiny little dolls have always been with us. Sometimes, as the cutest barbies that brings a smile on the little faces, and sometimes scaring the hell out of us through our TVs. Didn’t the horror dolls in the movies look creepy and bizarre, something that you would not like to see in actual life, not at least when you are alone on an island, that too in the night, just imagine if they are in the number of hundreds. This is the kind of horror experience that you will have while visiting The Island of the Dolls, Mexico, also called Isla de las Munecas.

Just when you will decide to go south of Mexico City, through the Canals of Xochimilco, in between you will find an island. A little island with a large number of terrifying dolls staring at you, making sure to send chills down your spine. The small island will narrate its sad story to you as you will step on it.

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The never intended tourist destination, dedicated to the still wandering lost soul of a poor girl. There are thousands of people living in the region, but, no one takes away the girl’s home from her. With her soul, there are hundreds of dolls living there. The trees all around the island are home to very creepy terrifying dolls. Dolls with blank eyes decapitated head and severed limbs.

The dolls threaten, they scare you in the daylight, and in the dark, they hunt the toughest soul inside you.

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What makes The Island of The Dolls Unique?

It is believed that many years ago a girl was found dead on the Island, in the very mysterious circumstances. It’s said that her spirit possesses the dolls.

Some say that the scary dolls move, they move their body while hanging on trees, they even open their usually blank eyes.

There are witnesses who claim that they have heard the dolls whispering to them and even with each other. Some say that dolls have tried to lure them, they tried to get them on the island.

Now that remains the main mystery, that if all these claims are true, or just pure exaggeration. Do the dolls actually move and haunt, or it’s just the imagination of the people going there. But whatever the claims are, it is for sure that the island is the creepiest and scariest place one could ever think of visiting.

What is the Story behind The Island of Dolls? Why was The Island of The Dolls built?

Don Julian Santana Barrera, caretaker of the not so creepy island then, is behind the dolls hanging on the trees. As said in the story, Don Julian found a little poor girl drowned on the island, in such mysterious circumstances that he couldn’t save her.

Soon after, he saw a floating doll near to the canals. He guessed, the dolls must be of the girl. So he took the broken doll and hung it on the tree as it is. He believed that it would make the girl’s soul happy.

Soon Julian started getting haunted by the spirit of the girl. As a further attempt to please the spirit he started hanging more dolls. He later realized that even the dolls were possessed by the spirit. So, he kept collecting the creepy dolls and filled the whole island with the dolls.

Some close to Julian claimed that it felt like he was in the command of some unseen force, he was completely different.

It was understood that he was disturbed by the fact that he couldn’t save the little girl’s life.

Julian was found drowned and dead at the same spot and in the same way as the little girl. He kept collecting the dolls and hanging them for almost 50 years.

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What followed later at The Island of the Dolls?

Many of the people on the island believe that Julian also joined the other spirits on the Island after his death. Others even questions that the incident of the drowned girl every happened, or even the existence of any such girl. Reports say that Julian made all the story up by himself, in his depressed mental state.

The locals nearby believe that the already charmed island Isla de las Munecas became more popular due to the dolls after Julian’s death in 2001. It became a tourist attraction, many visitors visit there every year, and bring more dolls.

The destination that one would only remember as a nightmare, was the result of Julian’s innocent and admirable acts from his intentions.

So, what do you think?

Would you like to visit The Island of the Dolls? Do you think that the story of Drowned girl is true, or it was just made up by Julian? How scared you would be while visiting the island in the night? Do you also believe that the dolls are really possessed by the spirit? Share your thoughts with us in the comment box below.

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