The Mystery of Unicorns, Does They Exist? Click Here!

The mystery of unicorns is a very hot topic among fantasy lovers. With the advent of the theory that they actually exist in some secret part of the world, theories related to the mystery of unicorns gained momentum. Now researchers consider that the myths related to unicorns can only be resolved if they’ll find a real unicorn; otherwise, one side of the story will always remain undiscovered.

However, the reality is that unicorn is just a fantasy character. No one has ever seen this creature. It’s actually a Greek belief that unicorns exist in reality, but there is no evidence found in Greek mythology that unicorns were used by their Gods while fighting with the evil forces.

The myth about unicorns originated from Greek scholars. They were staunch believers of this myth that unicorns were real creatures and they use to inhabit India during old times. Actually, during that era, India was a far way land piece no populated much so it was considered a heaven for all magical creatures.

It was a staunch perception among the Greeks and Roman civilizations that Unicorns and several other exotic creatures live in India. Unicorns are goat-like creatures with a horn. They are considered as a symbol of power and deserve great respect as they are used by the Gods of Greeks.

Perceptions about Unicorns

Unicorns are different from other magical creatures because it is not originated in mythology. As it’s not a part of mythology, so it still remains a mystery that from where the concept of the unicorns was established? There is no myth found in older literature about unicorns.

Some of the history students think that the idea of unicorns was developed due to a misconception as the old sculptures show bulls or goats, which were taken wrongly as a unique creature of the unicorn.

The reasoning behind this story can be the common character of horn between these two. Although unlike bulls and goats unicorns have one. This can be the common character of horn between these two. But it’s a fact that the old carvings show the one-sided view of the creatures that depict animals with one horn, otherwise they may have two.

One other interesting fact about unicorns was revealed by a scholar. He said that unicorn is the only mythical creature that is not a symbol of fear for humans. Unicorns are considered fairy creatures. They are always given respect when discussed in the ancient literature.

Their body shows their strength. They are not portrayed as monsters, but they serve others in their own noble way. They were never a threat to humanity. While unicorns were considered as a messenger of good will.

It is a belief that it brings good fortune to the life. Unicorns were named as Ki-Lin in Chinese mythology. Chinese believe that the unicorn is a symbol of wisdom. It is so kind and gentle that he’ll lift his feet in order to avoid any harm to the humans. He was the leader of all animals at that time and as it was a holy thing, so it was considered impossible to catch them.

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