The Science Behind Namaskar! The Vedic way of Greeting

The science behind Namaskar! The Vedic way of Greeting

Namaskar, a word carrying a ton of Spiritual meanings, Scientific benefits, and practices of Humanity. Namaskar or Namaste is the way of greeting, practiced in Indian origin since the Vedic period. It is originated from the Indian Subcontinent or more specifically from Hinduism. Today as the people getting more and more familiar with the traditions around the globe, and yoga becoming an international practice for a healthy life, almost every one of us knows the word Namaste. But, do we know the actual meaning behind Namaste, the hidden Science behind Namaskar?

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What is the Science behind Namaskar?

The gesture also called as “Anjali Mudra” or “Pranamasana” includes bowing slightly towards the other person, with the hands joined in a way that palms touch each other, thumbs close to the chest and fingers pointing upwards. It can be performed without saying the word “Namaskar” or by just saying the word and not performing it physically.

While doing Namaskar, one presses his palms against each other, this leads to the pressing of the pressure points present in our palms and fingertips. Now, we all know that massaging your pressure points have various health benefits. It helps you in anxiety, stress, insomnia, depression, and even in the Heart problems. There are some pressure points in the palms that help you even in the physical pain like, headache, neck pain, stomach pain, migraine etc. It even helps you in improving your breathing problem.

It is scientifically proven that Namaskar benefits your health and mind in various ways.

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The Spiritual Science behind Namaskar: –

In the spiritual sense, Namaskar means “I bow to the Divine in you”. The millions of year-old practice, that according to Hindu beliefs was also performed by the Gods and Demigods, hold various spiritual reasons and factors that enlightens your soul.

It is believed that the practices in Hinduism are majorly about your soul and not the body. So, at the time you are doing Namaskar to someone, you are acknowledging their soul and paying respect to the power inside of one another.

Hindu beliefs say that there is a god within every human being. Namaskar in a sense is “I bow to the God within you” and “The Spirit within me salutes the Spirit within you”.

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The connection with the Supreme dimension: –

A spiritual connection develops between both the souls when the other person acknowledges you back with the Namaskar. The connection strengthens the relationship between both the shapeless forms and creates a positive aura within.

The word Namaskar or Namaste comes from the Sanskrit word “Namaha”. In the Science of Justice, the word elaborates as “a physical action expressing that you are superior to me in all qualities and in every way”. It represents an attitude of surrender by eliminating the Ego within us. Accepting that we are not even a fraction of this universe, it is a realization of self.

It’s believed as a way of achieving divine conciseness. As mentioned in Hinduism that your living body is made of 5 elements i.e. Agni (Fire), Pruthvittattva (Earth), Pavan (Air), Jal (Water), and Akastattva (Vacuum).

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When you perform the gesture, you directly relate to the Vacuum element of the universe. According to the Hindu sayings, the Vacuum element in nature cannot be distorted even when the Universe will be destroyed. Thus, you absorb the Divine consciousness into your soul through the element. When you say the word Namaskar, you connect to the Earth element of the Universe, and as both elements connect, all other elements come together and connect with your Soul. It results in the flow of Spiritual energy through the universe into that Soul.

There is another benefit behind the gesture. Due to your all senses being active because of the gesture, and your mind is focused, you are going to remember the person for a longer time.

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In a Nutshell: –

Namaskar may have originated from the Hinduism and is only being practiced in the respective parts or world only. But it is not bounded by any religion, the benefits and enlightening of soul that it brings is something that is related to Humanity. Same as the Yoga or Surya Namaskar, Namaskar can also be practiced by every individual. If not for the Spiritual beliefs, but for the Scientific benefits.

When you shake hands, there is an equal possibility of Negative energy or positive energy flowing through between the bodies, as it is also referred by the terms like Confident and vibes in the modern world. When you perform Namaskar, due to no physical connection, there is only a flow of Positive energy.

Namaskar brings us to the root of the Humanity, away from all ego and negativity.


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