The Science Of Silence: Why It Can Be More Musical!

The science of Silence is golden and so are the aspects related to it in our daily lives. You might not get a detailed info on it in science news articles but people around the world are trying hard to escape from the chaotic noises that surround them and they resort to mediation in order to find themselves in the lap of silence that cocoons them into a comfort that just cannot be described into words.

The basic quest behind meditation is to achieve the silence that sounds so musical, you feel yourself dancing in the courts of the divine, forgetting ever pain you had and breaking from the clutches of suffering forever!

Practice Silence

The science of Silence is forgiving. Silence is your best friend and the aura your soul radiates. People are too consumed with noises on daily basis. they talk a lot, discuss a lot, listen a lot, try to understand a lot, try to grasp a lot and at the end of the day, they find it really hard to sleep in the silence, as whatever they tried to accumulate throughout the day starts to play in their subconscious and none of it makes any sense at that point in time. Meditation is a doorway to silence where you get a chance to be one with your soul.

Language Of Your Inner Being

The more you are close to the inner self, the more you will realize that words fail to make any sense. When you cross the layers of meditation, you get more and more close to the silence.

When you are not trying to achieve something, knowledge, power, words, wisdom, the divine automatically opens the doors for you where you start the journey by yourself.

If you want to communicate with the divine, you have to communicate with yourself first. The more you are at the peace of silence; the more you are connected to your soul.

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Knocking At Your Spiritual Center

Each one of us is spiritual; we just have to unveil the real self. This can be done when you start to dust off all the accumulated nonsense that you have cluttered over the years and when you are finally able to do it, you realize that the less you know and the less you are bothered the more you are at peace.

Silence holds tremendous possibilities and people who are able to have a connection with it, have the ability to travel onto the spiritual path.

So the next time you dig Article on Science and Technology, do make sure you look for silence!

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