Radical Awakening? Must Consider Some Important Elements

Radical Awakening? People who take the Spiritual path, often find themselves standing confused in the midway as they are not sure how to proceed. This article is mainly going to focus on what you do and what you shouldn’t.

  • The first thing that you have to keep in mind is – Don’t Seek, Don’t be too much consumed on achieving the kind of results you have read on several other websites on the internet. The signs of a spiritual awakening are different to everyone and each individual experiences it in a different way. The spiritual path is not easy; it is natural. By all means, seek enlightenment, not the spirituality.
  • Don’t try. Enlightenment is as natural as a flower growing from a bud. It doesn’t try hard for it, it’s a natural process. Meditating requires effort, mindfulness requires effort, but it also comes in a very natural state. The state you are in when you practice meditation, do it in a fruitful manner as they have always been demonstrated to be invariably fruitful throughout the ages.
  • Drop the desire. The desire to become a sage. The desire to have all the powers in a set period of time. The desire to go to a specific place to have enlightenment. Drop all these. In this way, you can work towards whatever it is you like without being attached. When you finally drop the desire, you will be able to experience sweetness in everything you have experienced and sought.
  • Your body and health is the most important thing in the spiritual journey. Body is an important part of the divine and you must treat it as a temple. Body is a gateway to the formless Self and even the Avadhuta Gita states – “I honor my body as though it does and does not exist.” Forget gender, forget the name, forget shape and appearance. Feel your body as one entity with the soul and try and drop the human form. The more you are going to realize the seamless form of it, the more you can focus on the feeling and let go of any identity regarding that feeling.

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So, if you are on the path of meditation and spirituality, you must follow these practices on the first basis if you really are looking forward to Practice mindfulness. Read spiritual books and follow the talks of the master that you like but also seek liberation to help you realize your Real Self beyond and before birth and death.

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