Sentinelese Tribe Andamans! The Humans from The Stone Age

Sentinelese Tribe Andamans! The 60,000-year-old Humans

While living in the modern world, traveling faster than the sound, on the verge of starting a Quantum Computing and planning to settle on the moon. Have you ever given a thought to the fact that there might be Humans living in your neighborhood who haven’t been evolved since the Stone Age? No! Then we suggest you read the full article to know about the tribe called “ Sentinelese Tribe ”.

Sentinelese Tribe, an indigenous tribe almost 57,900 years older than the birth of Jesus and almost 55,000 years older than the Mahabharata. The 60,000 years (approx.) old tribe has been living on a mysterious Island. Totally uncontacted from the outside world, totally isolated from modernization, and have not been evolved since Stone Age.

Who are the Sentinelese? How much we know about Sentinelese?

Sentinelese Tribe Andamans- Facto-facts
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Sentinelese Tribe Andamans are also called Sentinel or North Sentinel Islanders. Although, they have never told us what they call themselves. Whenever someone tried to know either got welcomed by Spears and Arrows or never came back. Sentinel peoples are believed to be a direct decedent of the first humans to move out from Africa.

They inhabitant the North Sentinel island in the Adman & Nicobar Island territory, that lies in Bay of Bengal, India. Any unauthorized activity inside the 5 km radius of the island is prohibited by the Indian Government and the island is declared as a tribal reserve since 1956.  So, that means even if you are curious about visiting the early men, either you will get punished by the government or the Sentinelese.

What Sentinelese look like? What they wear? What’s their lifestyle?

Sentinelese have no difference in lifestyle than of Early Humans. They are not familiar with the practices of Agriculture, Metalworking and even the fire making. They Hunt, poach or do the fishing and rely on nature for their nutritional requirements. Although, they know a little of metal’s importance, as they use it to make weapons. They use handmade weapons like bow, arrow, spears to hunt or keep the curious humans from an outside world away.

Sentinelese Tribe Andamans are considered as Negrito, have a black shining skin tone, and they proudly show it off by not wearing any kind of cloths. They wear ornaments very similar to the early peoples. The men and women wear bark strings, they wear handmade Ornaments such as neckless or bracelets. Men carry daggers with them, that they keep tugged into waist belt.

They are observed to be living a happier and healthier life, that of course do not include obesity. The average height is smaller than the normal human being, but that doesn’t make them insecure either, because they have perfectly lined teeth, and prominent muscles, unlike most of us. They have a very refined lifestyle, that includes living in temporary huts, that includes a slanted roof covered with leaves and supported by the four-pillar structure.

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Why the government and various Human rights organization demands no contact with Sentenelese Tribe ?

Because we modern humans simply do not understand the meaning of privacy. We can not let someone live in harmony, we want to interact with them, we are curious to study them like they are some objects of our study. We want to do the charity by colonizing them and making them civilized, as we are. And, after all, we want to extract every valuable thing that is buried beneath their ground.

Being isolated from the world for thousands of years, the Sentinelese have no immunity towards the modern-day germs. Thus, a single handshake may wipe out one whole tribe.

How well it went with the other tribes

  • The tries to make contact with isolated tribes have resulted in 100 million deaths of their people since 1492 when Europeans first tried it.
  • In 1910, pathogens passed through a single hug that a Brazilian military engineer did to show some love to Amazonian Nambikwara tribe resulted in the death of 4500 strong peoples out of the 5000 in the tribe.
  • One whole tribe of 5000 on another Andamanese island got wiped out in the 19th century, due to the battle with British colonizers and lack of immunity towards the germs that they brought with themselves.

Why the Sentinelese Tribe carry a hostile behavior towards the outside world?

It’s not them being hostile, it is just them being protective for their community and habitat because they learned a lot from the past interactions with humans.

Almost for the 200 years after an East India Company vessel spotted the tribes presence on the island, the Early Humans were left undisturbed or untouched at the most. But, in the year 1880, Maurice Vidal Portman a British Naval Officer who was also the Colonial Administrator to the Andaman and Nicobar Island, thought that how great it would be to kidnap some of the Sentinelese and take them to our home to introduce them with the modern world.

After several days of intense search in the dense forest of the island, the armed group led by Portman captured 2 adults and 4 children and took them to Port Blair. The elders died soon after due to the infections of the outside world, the 4 children got sick and left back to the island with a pile of gifts, that with no doubt had made them happy. Nobody knows how many lives the infection of those 4 children took in the tribe.

How the Sentinelese reacted to the further tries of contact

They Sentinelese killed, an escaped convict who somehow reached to the island in 1896, killed two fishermen who mistakenly entered their premises in 2005. Several tries were made by Govt of India to establish a friendly contact with the Sentinelese in 1967, 1971 and 1980s and various more, that ended up in quite a violent welcome.

The only single time a friendly human contact was successful with them was in 1991. On 4th of January, a team led by Dr. Madhumala Chattopadhyay made similar tries as previous times. They dropped some coconuts to the shores, but unlike every time, they showed up and started collecting coconuts. On 24th February the same year, the team again led an expenditure, this time the Sentinelese showed up without weapons. They climbed up on the boats and took the coconuts by themselves. They even tried to communicate in their language.

That was the last time any such operation was conducted. After that, the Indian Government officially abandoned the tries to make any contact with the Sentinelese Tribe Andamans. Since the policy had been maintained as the tries to make the contact may put the tribe and their habitat at the risk of extinction.

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The latest Incident, the death of John Allen Chau

The death of John Allen Chau a US national turned a million of eyes towards the tribe. The 26-year-old from American Missionary traveled illegally to the island by bribing some fishermen with the aim of teaching them Christianity. After the Sentinelese let him go away alive two times, he went back the third time, and as expected he did not come back.

As written in his journal, he tried to communicate with them by saying “My name is John, I love you and Jesus loves you”. Some say that it was childish try to teach a 60,000-year-old civilization a 3000-year-old religion, they are far older and have a superior understanding of nature than we do.

But it still makes us curious to know more about these peoples who have been living the same way since the inception of Human being. How the Sentinelese survived till now? What is their understanding of the Modern world?

What do you think? Do you want to know more about the Sentinelese? Should the authorities try to contact them again? Should we leave the Sentinelese alone? What is the mystery of Sentinelese Tribe Andamans Island? Think about it and let us know your thoughts on that.

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