Some reasons not to rush into a relationship this Valentine’s day

Valentine’s reason gives you all the reasons to desire for love, finally propose to him/her and celebrate the week of love. Yes, you must be feeling some pressure from inside, and if you are single, you might have some social pressure too. But, if you are among those who are trying to rush into a relationship this Valentine’s season, you need to think again.

Ask yourself- Do you want to have a perfect 24 hours (sometimes it’s 12 hours)? Or are you okay to wait for the right time, for the right person to come into your life and stay forever?

Why you shouldn’t rush into a relationship this Valentine’s day?

Check out these reasons to control your emotions and wait for the right one!

This could be a compromise!


When you try to rush, this can make you compromise while doing things that you don’t really want to. When you are in a hurry, you may not get the best results, especially when it’s about finding your true love.

Your true love might be waiting to meet you, wanting to love you, and you need to wait for the right time! Of course, waiting is difficult but it’s worth it.

You may find yourself depressed when you will realize that you have made a wrong decision.

Do you want to miss the reality?

At some point or another, your heart can ask you to just do it, without thinking much about the results. And, this way, you might miss the reality.

And the reality of love is, it takes time and patience, rushing into a relationship may not give you sufficient time to understand yourself, and to know what you want in your partner.

If you miss reality and making a wrong decision can give you more pain and suffering in the future, you need to think!

You may not understand if it’s true

Finding your love, and finding your true love are two completely different things.

You might do a lot, buying expensive gifts, for instance, but somewhere, you will find it away from those true and lovely feeling that the right person has to offer.

What if someone agrees to be with you as you are capable of buying expensive gifts, and leave you when you don’t do what they want you to.

Being in this kind of relationship means you are with someone “who doesn’t feel the same”!

You may find yourself in self-doubt

Self doubt

At the end, when things won’t go as you planned or expected, you may be among those who believe love is fake, love is not for them, and all the negative things about love that you must not be thinking.

You will start to feel that love is not for you, you are the one who is hard to love, and you are never going to find your special someone.

This can make you think love isn’t real, which not true.

Final words

One day, you’ll find someone who will find out how you drink and eat, how you dance, how you smell, how your face looks like when you wake up, how you feel when you are anxious, how you think and work, that special someone is going to know everything about you, and will still love you! So, please wait!

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