Some ways to protect yourself from energy vampires

When some people are around, you feel happy, and there are some who can make you feel… low and worried.

Identifying energy vampires

Comfortable, delighted, and confident, that’s how you feel with some people while others are completely opposite.

Some are too low on energy, they can make you feel stressed, worried, nervous, and all the other feelings of negativity surround you when you are around them. They are the ones whom you can call energy vampires.

They are the ones who consider themselves the victim, they will find the whole world against them, they will keep on talking about the worst things that happened in their life, they’re always guilty, they have a problem for every solution, they are the blamers, you name it! 

How to protect yourself from energy vampires?

Many of us find it difficult to realize that we are surrounded by energy vampires, and here is how you need to protect yourself from energy vampires.

Recognizing is the first step

The first thing that you need to is to recognize how you feel with some people. Do you feel drained? Do you feel headache? With some people, you may feel so happy, a few minutes of conversation will make your whole day happy. Identify how your mind and body react when you are with them, and know whether you need to escape or stay.

Learn to say no!

Learn to say no
Learn to say no

‘NO’ is a complete sentence. And when you say ‘no; your energy follows your command.

You must have been through the time when you felt so empowered after saying no to someone. The reason behind feeling empowered is that you stopped wasting and donating your energy to the wrong place.

So, learn to say no! And, make your peace of mind a priority.

Now center yourself

You must be wondering… How?

Well, here is the right way.

Take a deep breath.

Now, tell yourself that you know what’s happening and you know your individual power.

There are some other ways too.

You can think of a sunset or a view from a mountain top. drift away from the tension by thinking something that makes you feel good.

Set boundaries

Setting boundaries can be one of the finest ways to protect yourself from energy vampires. For example, this is only what I can do for you (a no is even better). Of course, it can be annoying when someone pushes your buttons, you have to make the decision not to react.

Remember, love is so powerful energy

Spend time with your love
Spend time with your love

Love is an awesome feeling, the one that always wins. keep energy vampires aways and spend some time with your love, the right person to be with. You can simply decide to walk away from energy vampires and spend some time when you feel your best- with your love.

So, how do you feel when you meet people? Pay attention to your feelings and make sure that you are not wasting them.

The bottom line

You have all the freedom to walk away.


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