Signs of Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening is a series of changes that occur in the physical, mental and spiritual levels of our life. They are some gradual changes because going through the phases of spiritual awakening at a fast pace can lead to some mental imbalance. This is because we are not prepared for the supreme pain or emotional turbulence that comes with spiritual awakening.

Spiritual awakening brings a quality to foresee things that can bring danger or harm. The changes that come are really violent. It’s actually a name of spiritual growth, the growth of our consciousness. Now here we’ll discuss some signs of spiritual awakening. These signs of spiritual awakening can provide awareness in people, who are experiencing a spiritual awakening.

Spiritual Signs
Spiritual Signs

Signs observed

  • One of the most obvious and important symptoms observed in people experiencing Spiritual is the sense of contentment that goes to a maximum level while spiritual awakening. You suddenly stop worrying about little things happening around you.
  • Other’s opinions regarding you become so unimportant that you’ll not even bother to give any heed to all the voices coming against you. Nature seems to be your ultimate love and if you start loving nature, then fear will itself fade away from your life.
  • Your likings and your span of interests gradually take a U-turn. It gets transformed completely. Now you’ll be eager to seek knowledge and wisdom. You’ll be desiring anything that could enlighten your views about life.
  • Worldly things like vacations, socializing, etc seem to be annoying. Rather, you’ll be more comfortable while walking alone or meditate at some calm places.
  • This is a symptom that appears in a relatively mature stage. You began to foresee events. This happens because your internal energy, emotional setup start synchronizing with the energy flow of the universe. The logic is simple that if you’ll stop damaging the universe, then it will start protecting you as its a mother nature.
  • You’ll also be experiencing dreams that seem like a reality. Your power of imagination suddenly becomes so well developed that you’ll start feeling your dreams. Most of the dreams will bring some mystical messages.
  • Your basic senses will be amplified to some high levels. You’ll be more sensitive in hearing, seeing, and feeling things. Specially, you’ll experience glittery particles. Some Spiritual experts believe that some people may see opaque things as transparent while going through the phases of spiritual awakening. You’ll also develop sensitivity to hear things that are not audible to normal humans.
  • A person experiencing life-changing events of Spiritual Awakening will appear younger in his age as compared to normal people. This happens because you are closer to nature, therefore it will be serving you as a mother. Plus a person’s carefree attitude towards the tensions of this world helps him to look younger.
  • As the emotional issues get resolved with the passage of time, therefore this contentment will appear on the face. You began to feel lighter and began to love each bit of your life.

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